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Industrial pharmacy–I (BP605TP) (Part:- 2) MCQs with Answers

51. Tablet that is placed under the skin called as ….?
(A) Electric coated tablet
(B) Film coated tablet
(C) Implant
(D) Sublingual

52. Disintegration time for sugar coated tablet is….?
(A) 30 min

(B) 45 min
(C) 60 min
(D) 75 min

53. In the preparation of tablets are mixed for …?
(A) To reduce the total volume
(B) To increase adsorption
(C) To increase adhesiveness
(D) To reduce inter particulate friction

54. Ingredients used for the capsulation in soft gelatin capsules should flow by gravity at a temperature not exceeding
(A) 35 ˚C
(B) 25 ˚C
(C) 20 ˚C
(D) 30 ˚C

55. Bulking agent used for parenteral preparation is
(A) Sodium metabisulfite
(B) Benzyl alcohol
(C) Carbolic acid
(D) Sorbitol

56. The formula for the preparation of ascorbic acid injection IP may include
(A) Glacial acetic acid
(B) Dilute HCL
(C) Propylene glycol
(D) Sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydroxide in water

57. Limulus test is rapid in vitro test for parenteral to detect the presence of…?

(A) Particulate matter
(B) Fungus
(C) Pyrogen
(D) Bacteria

58. If the Carr’s index of to powder is 10% type of powder flow is…?
(A) Poor
(B) Excellent
(C) Very Poor
(D) Good

59. Before washing ampoules the mouth of each ampoule is rotated in Bunsen flame to melt down the rough edges. This process is called as…?
(A) Flaming
(B) Charging
(C) Annealing
(D) Grounding

60. Which of the following is not component of pharmaceutical aerosol?
(A) Propellant
(B) Container
(C) Valve
(D) Roll Tube

61. Which of the following is not large scale equipment for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical aerosols?
(A) Concentrate filler
(B) Valve pressure,
(C) Pressure filler,
(D) Cold Filler

62. What are the two principle ingredients of pharmaceutical Aerosol?

(A) Active ingredient
(B) Actuators
(C) Propellant
(D) Both A&C.

63. Pharmaceutical aerosols generally which type of dosage form
(A) Stable dosage form
(B) Highly unstable dosage form
(C) Meta-stable dosage form
(D) Unstable dosage form

64. Super-Disintegrants in tablet formulation is..?
(A) Sodium starch glycolate
(B) Starch
(D) Mg-aluminum silicate

65. The propellant is responsible for to…?
(A) Developing proper pressure within container
(B) For provide actual shape of products for
(C) Expels the product
(D) Both A&C.

66. Among the following which is type of inhalational device
(A) Metered dose inhaler
(B) Nebulizer
(C) Dry powder inhaler
(D) All of them

67. Nebulizer is of how many types?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

68. The component of pharmaceutical aerosols which ensures that the product is delivered in proper and desired form is called….?
(A) Propellant
(B) Actuator
(C) Valve
(D) Dip tube

69. How many types of actuators?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

70. Chilsonator is used as…
(A) Tablet Coating
(B) Capsule filling Machine
(C) Tablet Granulator
(D) None of Above

71. Temper evident packaging is the term originated by….


72. The two primary components of blister packaging are …?
(A) Cavity
(B) Round edges
(C) Liding
(D) Both A& C

73. Which type of glass container is not generally used for parenteral preparation?
(A) Type 1
(B) Type 2
(C) Type 3
(D) Type 4

74. Type 2 glass is also known as….
(A) Highly resistant borosilicate glass
(B) Treated soda lime glass
(C) Soda lime glass
(D) General purpose soda lime glass

75. Pre – formulation studies mainly focus on
(A) Physical properties of new compound
(B) Chemical properties of new compound
(C) Physico-chemical properties of new compound
(D) None

76. Which of the following information is helpful in designing the pre formulation evaluation of a new drug?
(A) Structure of a compound
(B) Formula & molecular weight of a compound
(C) Therapeutic indication of a new compound
(D) All the above

77. Which of the following problems commonly encountered in evaluating salt forms are
(A) Poor crystallinity
(B) Hygroscopicity
(C) Instability
(D) All the above

78. Which of the following salts generally used in pharmaceutical products?
(A) Acetate
(B) Gluconate
(C) Lactate
(D) All the above

79. Description of the outer appearance of a crystal is known as….?
(A) Crystal habit
(B) Internal structure
(C) Both
(D) None internal structure

80. Amorphous forms generally having
(A) Low thermodynamic energy & low solubility

(B) High thermodynamic energy & high solubility
(C) Both
(D) None

81. Which of the following compound possess high aqueous solubility’s?
(A) Hydrates
(B) Anhydrates
(C) Both
(D) None

82. Which of the following properties may change with changing of the internal structure of a solid?
(A) Melting point
(B) Density
(C) Optical properties
(D) All the above

83. Which of the following methods generally used for studying solid forms?
(D) All the above

84. Which of the following methods generally used to measure heat loss or gain within a sample?
(C) Both
(D) None

85. Department of Transport Test (DOT) is performed for which of the following?
(A) Aerosols
(B) Glass containers
(C) Capsules
(D) None

86. Measurement of particle size in pharmaceutical aerosol is by (P) Cascade impactor (Q) Light scatter decay (R) K-F method (S) IR
(A) P, Q
(B) Q, R
(C) R, S
(D) P, S Q, R

87. Identify the correct non-flammable propellant
(A) Trichloro mono fluoromethane
(B) Dichloromono fluoromethane
(C) Di methyl ether
(D) Difluoromethane

88. The dip tube in an aerosol container is made from one of the following
(A) Polypropylene
(B) Glass
(C) Al
(D) Stainless steel

89. Which one of the following device is used to increase the efficiency of drug delivery via aerosols?
(A) Tube spacers

(B) Metered valves
(C) Actuator
(D) Pressure valve

90. Department of Transport Test (DOT) is performed for which of the following?
(A) Aerosols
(B) Glass containers
(C) Capsules
(D) None

91. The first pharmaceutical aerosol was developed in year of,
(A) 1945
(B) 1955
(C) 1949
(D) 1960

92. Which drug is formulated is first pharmaceutical aerosol?
(A) Epinephrine
(B) Codeine
(C) Chlorpromazine
(D) Probenecid

93. Titanium Dioxide commonly present in
(A) Vanishing Cream
(B) Sun Screen cream
(C) Opthalmic cream
(D) Aqu. Calamine cream

94. Rotosort is a machine for short out….
(A) Coated Tablet
(B) Filled Capsule
(C) Sealed ampoules
(D) S.G. CAP

95. In sugar coating, seal coat is done.
(A) To prevent moisture absorption
(B) To round the edges and build up tablet
(C) To prevent breaking of Tablet
(D) To smoothen Tablet

96. Shellac is used for the purpose of coating of tablet is
(A) Polishing Agent
(B) Film Coating Agent
(C) Enteric Coating
(D) Sub coating

97. The agent which improve the flow property of granules
(A) Anti-adherent
(B) Glidant
(C) Lubricant
(D) Emollient

98. The propellant used for Topical Aerosols
(A) Dicholoro difluro methane
(B) Tricholoro mono fluromethane
(C) Propane

99. Sterility test for surgical suture require incubation for
(A) 14 Days
(B) 7 Days
(C) 21 Days
(D) 28 Days

100. Sigma blade mixture commonly used in
(A) Wet Granulation
(B) Dry Granulation
(C) Powder Mixing
(D) Crude Fiber Mixing

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