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Medicinal Chemistry (Part-2) MCQs with Answers


Q.51 Which one of the followings is not an anabolic steroid?

  1. a) Oxandrolone
  2. b) Stanozolol
  3. c) Fluoxymesterone
  4. d) Oxymetholone

Q.52 Which one of the followings is not an aromatase inhibitor?

  1. a) Finasteride
  2. b) Exemestane
  3. c) Anstrazole
  4. d) Letrozole

Q.53 What is the chemical class of Zolpidem

  1. a) Imidobenzene
  2. b) Imidopyrimidine
  3. c)Imidazopyridine
  4. d) Cyclopyrrolone

Q.54 Tetracyclines are inactivated upon

  1. a) Hydrolysis
  2. b) Epimerization
  3. c) Oxidation
  4. d) Racemization

Q.55 A free radical alkylating drug is

  1. a) carmustine
  2. b) Thio-TEPA
  3. c) procabazine
  4. d) dacarbazine

Q.56 the phosphonate derivative agent is

  1. a) acyclovir
  2. b) foscarnet
  3. c) abacavir
  4. d) ribavirin

Q.57 Baclofen is a

  1. a) GABAA- antagonist
  2. b) GABAB- antagonist
  3. c) GABAB- agonist
  4. d) GABAA-agonist

Q.58 2,4,7-tri-amino, 6-phenyl pteridine is chemical name of

  1. a) Lamotriazine
  2. b) Triamterene
  3. c) Methotraxate
  4. d) Amiloride

Q.59 1-[5-methyl-pyrazin-2yl-carboxamide)ethyl phenyl sulphonyl]-3cyclohexyl urea is

  1. a) Glimepride
  2. b) Glipizide
  3. c) Glyburide
  4. d) Repaglinide

Q.60 What is group R for Bisoprolol structure

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Ans:- A

Q.61 One of the following drug is used as sedative-hypnotic and is glutarimide derivative

  1. a) Gabapentin
  2. b) Progabide
  3. c) Glutamic acid
  4. d) Glutethimide

Q.62 NH2NH2.H2O and two mole of NH4SCN are used as starting materials for drug

  1. a) Benzoxazole
  2. b) Ethacrynic acid
  3. c) hydrochlorthiazide
  4. d) Acetazolamide

Q.63 Which of the followings is active metabolite?

  1. a) Fexophenadine
  2. b) Cycloguanil
  3. c) Minoxidil sulphate
  4. d) All of these

Q.64 The given structure is active metabolite of.

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  1. a) Terfenadine
  2. b) Cinnarzine
  3. c) Cyclizine
  4. d) hydroxyzine

Q.65 Benzothiazepine heterocyclic nucleus is present in

  1. a) Diazepam
  2. b) Diltiazem
  3. c) Verapamil
  4. d) none of these

Q.66 The metabolism of drugs generally results in

  1. a) Compounds with lower aqueous solubility
  2. b) More acidic compound
  3. c) More basic compound
  4. d) More polar compound

Q.67 Bisacodyl is stucturally related to

  1. a) Anthraquinolenes
  2. b) Phenolphthalein
  3. c) Castor oil
  4. d) Lactulose

Q.68 Which one is third generation cephalosporine antibiotic used orally

  1. a) Ceftriaxone
  2. b) Cefotaxime
  3. c) Cefixime
  4. d) Ceftizoxime

Q.69 Clinamycin is

  1. a) S- stereoisomer at C-7 of licomycin
  2. b) Aminoglycoside
  3. c) Macrolide
  4. d) None

Q.70 Aztreonam is

  1. a) Penicillin
  2. b) Cephalosporine
  3. c) Monobactum
  4. d) Carbapenem

Q.71 Azole antifungal drugs generally inhibit

  1. a) Squalene epoxidase
  2. b) 14α-demethylase
  3. c) RNA polymerase
  4. d) DRA polymerase

Q.72 5-(4-chlorophenyl) 6-ethyl-2,4- pyrimidinediamine is

  1. a) Pyridoxime
  2. b) Pyremethamine
  3. c) Sulfapyrizine
  4. d) none of these

Q.73 Which drug does not contain pyrizine ring

  1. a) Sulfalene
  2. b) Amiloride
  3. c) Sulfadoxine
  4. d) Glipizide

Q.74 When m-xilidine is treated with o-chloro acetate and then resulting product A is reated with diethylamine to obtain lidocaine. Identify A.

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Answer:- C

Q.75 [2,2-dimethyl-5-(2,5-xylyloxy)Valeric acid is chemical name of

  1. a) Clofibric acid
  2. b) Gemfibrozil
  3. c) Simvastatin
  4. d) Probucol

Q.76 Which one of the following is not a prodrug

  1. a) Dipivefrine
  2. b) Famciclovir
  3. c) Azathioprine
  4. d) Albuterol

Q.77 Which of the following drug does not contain naphthalene moiety?

  1. a) Naproxen
  2. b) Terbinafine
  3. c) Nalidixic acid
  4. d) Naphazoline

Q.78 When 6-OH of morphine is replaced by 6-O-acetyl group then the activity will

  1. a) Increase
  2. b) Decrease
  3. c) No effect
  4. d) antagonistic

Q.79 To increase the activity of benzodiazepine 5-phenyl will be substituted by

  1. a) O-methyl
  2. b) m-methyl
  3. c) m-chloro
  4. d) O-chloro

Q.80 Which one will decrease the activity of barbiturate at 5-position

  1. a) Unsaturation
  2. b) Branching
  3. c) Aromatic group
  4. d) none of these

Q.81 Which form of Diethyl stilbesterol is estrogen agonist .which form is more active?

  1. a) Z
  2. b) E
  3. c) Levo
  4. d) Dextro

Q.82 3β, 12β, 14β-trihydroxy-cardenolide moiety is present in

  1. a) Digitoxin
  2. b) Digoxin
  3. c) Gitoxin
  4. d) None of these

Q.83 Ethyl cyanoacetate + Guanidine are the starting material for the synthesis of

  1. a) Diazoxide
  2. b) Hydralazine
  3. c) Minoxidil
  4. d) Nifedifine

Q.84 One of the following is Aryloxy Isobutyic acid derivative

  1. a) Gemfibrozil
  2. b) Simvastatin
  3. c) Probucol
  4. d) Clofibrate

Q.85 the antihypertensive drug with a tetrazole nucleus that binds to AT1 receptor with high affinity is

  1. a) Diazoxide
  2. b) Valsartan
  3. c) talupidine
  4. d) fosinopril

Q.86 Which one of the following is not first line anti-T.B. drug?

  1. a) Pyrazinamide
  2. b) PAS
  3. c) Isoniazid
  4. d) Rifampicin

Q.87 Which one of the following drug does not contain morpholine heterocyclic moiety?

  1. a) Molindone
  2. b) Timolol
  3. c) Melarsoperol
  4. d) Moclobemide

Q.88 Isoalloxazine heterocyclic ring system is present in one of the following vitamines

  1. a) Riboflavine
  2. b) Thiamine
  3. c) Biotin
  4. d) Niacin

Q.89 Drug which facilitate conduction and shorten refactory period is

  1. a) procainamide
  2. b) Disopyramide
  3. c) Phenytoin
  4. d) Pindolol

Q.90 β2-selective drug is

  1. a) Laketalol
  2. b) Butoxamine
  3. c) Betaxolol
  4. d) Carvidalol

Q.91 Anti-T.B. Isoniazid is metabolized by

  1. a) N-acetylation
  2. b) N-hydroxylation
  3. c) Glucoronide conjugation
  4. d) None

Q.92 3-hydroxylation and then glucoronide conjugation is common metabolic route for

  1. a) Barbiturates
  2. b) Hydantoins
  3. c) Oxazolidinedione
  4. d) Benzodiazepines

Q.93 Propyl thiouracil and methimazole are used in

  1. a) Hypothyroidism
  2. b) Hyperthyroidism
  3. c) Addision’s disease
  4. d) Cushing’s disease

Q.94 Pyrroziline heterocyclic ring system is present in one of the following drug

  1. a) Etodolac
  2. b) Ketorolac
  3. c) tolmetin
  4. d) Zomepirac

Q.95 (1,8-diethyl-1,3,4,9-tetrahydropyrano-[3,4-b]indole-1-acetic acid) is

  1. a) Ketorolac
  2. b) Zomepirac
  3. c) Etodolac
  4. d) Sulindac

Q.96 Bipyridine derivative selective COX-2 inhibitor is

  1. a) Valdecoxib
  2. b) Rofecoxib
  3. c) Celecoxib
  4. d) Etoricoxib

Q.97 The starting material for synthesis of dibucaine is:

  1. a) 4-chloroacetohenone
  2. b) Isatin
  3. c) Indole
  4. d) 2-Formyl benzoic acid

Q.98 which one of the following is not anticholinergic aminoalcohol Class drug:

  1. a) Biperiden
  2. b) Procyclidine
  3. c) Isopropamide
  4. d) Trihexyphenidyl

Q.99 Sulfamethoxazole is an antibacterial drug. It is a

  1. a) Short acting drug
  2. b) Short & Intermediate acting drug
  3. c) Long acting drug
  4. d) none

Q.100 The Levodopa in brain is converted to dopamine by

  1. a) Hydrolysis
  2. b) Oxidation
  3. c) acetylation process
  4. d) Decaboxylation