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Pharmaceutics (Part-7) MCQs with Answers


Q.1 which one tablet does not require disintegrant?

  1. a) Effervesant
  2. b) Sublingual
  3. c) Dissolution tab
  4. d) Buccal

Q.2 sodium starch glycollate is used as

  1. a) Glidant
  2. b) Lubricant
  3. c) Disintigrant
  4. d) Binder

Q.3 The efficiency of witting agents is measured by

  1. a) DOP test
  2. b) Draves test
  3. c) Carr’s index
  4. d) Dock test

Q.4 which one of the following coating material is used for sub coating?

  1. a) HPMC
  2. b) Carnauba wax
  3. c) Gelatin
  4. d) PEG-4000

Q.5 The equation P/Y (P0 – P) = 1/Ymb + b – 1/Ymb x P/P0 represents

  1. A) Noyes &Whitney eq.
  2. b) B.E.T. eq.
  3. c) Stokes eq.
  4. d) Higuchi eq.

Q.6 Tablet granules are dried by one of the followings

  1. a) Drum dryer
  2. b) Fluidized bed dryer
  3. c) Spray dryer
  4. d) Freeze dryer

Q.7 Tag Open Cup apparatus is used to determine

  1. a) Flash point
  2. b) Sedimentation rate
  3. c) particle size
  4. d) density of liquid

Q.8 Polyoxyethylene-20-cetyl ether is

  1. a) Ionic Surfactant
  2. b) Nonionic surfactant
  3. c) Non surfactant
  4. d) Cationic surfactant

Q.9 Drug is homogenously dispersed in polymer and then moulded into a patch in TDDS

  1. a) Membrane modulated system
  2. b) Diffusion controlled system
  3. c) Matrix dispersion system
  4. d) Micro reservoir system

Q.10 The standard moisture content specification for hard gelatin capsule is between

  1. a) 3.0%-8.0% w/w
  2. b) 9.0%-12.0% w/w
  3. c) 13.0%-16.0% w/w
  4. d) 17.0%-21.0% w/w

Q.11 Polyvinyl acetate phthalate is used for

  1. a) Sugar coating
  2. b) Film coating
  3. c) Enteric coating
  4. d) none of these

Q.12 which one of following is water soluble polymer?

  1. a) Ethyl cellulose
  2. b) Polyvinyl chloride
  3. c) hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose.
  4. d) None

Q.13 what is disintegration time for coated tablets?

  1. a) 15 minutes
  2. b) 60 minutes
  3. c) 30 minutes
  4. d) 3 hours

Q.14 what temperature is maintained for dissolution test apparatus?

  1. a) 370 ± 20C
  2. b) 370 ± 10C
  3. c) 370 ± 0.50C
  4. d) 370 ± 30C

Q.15 when stoichiometric amount of NaCl is added to an emulsion stabilized with Sodium oleate, it will

  1. a) Crack immediately
  2. b) change the nature from w/o to o/w
  3. c) Change the nature from o/w to w/o
  4. d) accelerate the phenomenon of Oswald ripening

Q.16 if sterilization of ciprofloxacin Infusion is achieved by autoclaving, which of the following statement is correct according to I.P.?
a) It should be sterilized at 115-1180 C for 20 minutes
b) It should be sterilized at 121 to 1240 C for 15 minutes
c) It should be sterilized at 132-1340 C for 3 minutes
d) It should be autoclaved at 126-1290 C with saturated steam for 8 minutes

Q.17 With regard to the standards for sterile Water for Injection, IP, the ‘residue on Evaporation’ limit is
a) Higher then Water for Injection IP
b) Lower then Water for Injection, IP
c) Same as that of the Water for Injection, IP
d) No such standard is prescribed in the monograph

Q.18 Fine powder according to I.P.
a) Pass through mesh aperture size 180 μm
b) Pass through mesh aperture size 125 μm
c) Pass through mesh aperture size 250 μm
d) Pass through mesh aperture size 355 μm

Q.19 Limulus Amebocyte lysate (LAL) is used for test of

  1. a) Toxic substances
  2. b) Pyrogens
  3. c) Solid residues
  4. d) Foreign particles

Q.20 Hansen-padel equipment is used for

  1. a) Disintegration of tablets
  2. b) Dissolution of tablets
  3. c) Consistency of rigid solids
  4. d) Viscosity of liquids

Q.21 Aerosols are prepared by one of the following methods

  1. a) Cold filling
  2. b) Pressure filling
  3. c) Both a & b
  4. d) none of these

Q.22 what concentration of phenyl mercuric nitrate is used in injection as preservative?

  1. a) 0.2 % w/v
  2. b) 0.02 % w/v
  3. c) 0.002 % w/v
  4. d) 0.0002 % w/v

Q.23 According to I.P. Type II glass is

  1. A) Soda lime
  2. b) Soda lime (Alkali treated)
  3. c) Borosilicate
  4. d) none of these

Q.24 Freezing point depression is function of

  1. a) No of particles in the solution
  2. b) Quantity of solution
  3. c) Emulsifying agent
  4. d) none

Q.25 what is the HLB value for detergents?

  1. a) 1 to 3
  2. b) 7 to 9
  3. c) 9 to 12
  4. d) 13 to 16

Q.26 Air in coating pan is replaced with nitrogen in of the followings coating techniques

  1. a) Compression coating
  2. b) Dip coating
  3. c) Electrostatic coating
  4. d) Vacuum film coating

Q.27 Concentrated solid suspension shows which one of the following type flow?

  1. a) Newtonian
  2. b) Pseudo plastic
  3. c) Non Newtonian
  4. d) Dilatant

Q.28 Identification of propellants are done by using one of the following instruments

  1. a) Cascade Impactor
  2. b) Infrared spectroscopy
  3. c) Rotational viscometer
  4. d) None

Q.29 Du-Nouy ring apparatus is used to determine

  1. a) Particle size
  2. b) Particle volume
  3. c) Particle shape
  4. d) Surface tension

Q.30 which type of mill is used for abrasive materials?

  1. a) Cutter
  2. b) Revolving
  3. c) Hammer & roller
  4. d) Fluid energy mill

Q.31 Psedomonas dimunita is test organism used for which one sterilization technique?

  1. a) Dry heat
  2. b) Moist heat
  3. c) Filtration
  4. d) Ionization radiation

Q.32 what is the ratio of dry glycerin and gelatin in hard gelatin capsule Shell formation?

  1. A) 0.4: 1
  2. b) 0.6: 1
  3. c) 0.8: 1
  4. d) 1: 1

Q.33 Colloidal silica is used as

  1. a) Diluent
  2. b) Glidant
  3. c) Disinterant
  4. d) Lubricant

Q.34 which one of these is tablet granulator?

  1. a) Accella cota
  2. b) Zanasi
  3. c) Chilsonator
  4. d) none of these

Q.35 Zeta potential is the difference in potential between the surfaces of the tightly bound Layer and the electroneutral region and it can be

  1. a) Positive
  2. b) Negative
  3. c) Zero
  4. d) All of these

Q.36 one of the official standard for uncoated tablets as per IP is

  1. a) Shape
  2. b) friability
  3. c) hardness
  4. d) uniformity of the weight

Q.37 HLB value is given by

  1. a) Griffin
  2. b) Ostwald
  3. c) Sorenson
  4. d) Newton

Q.38 The growth of large particles at the expense of smaller ones, as a result of a difference in the solubility of the particles of varying sizes, is termed as

  1. a) Interfacial phenomenon
  2. b) Partitioning
  3. c) Erosive formulation
  4. d) Crystal growth

Q.39 if mean AUC’s ( of drug dose1mg, for tablet, oral solution and IV are 0.91, 0.78 & 103.0 respectively. Calculate the relative bioavailability of the drug in tablet compared to the oral solution

  1. A) 104.6%
  2. b) 116.6%
  3. c) 101.46%
  4. d) 89%

Q.40 if mean AUC’s ( of drug dose1mg, for tablet, oral solution and IV are 0.90, 0.87 & 101.0 respectively. Calculate the absolute bioavailability of tablet form

  1. a) 0.891%
  2. b) 0.883%
  3. c) 0.823%
  4. d) 0.853%

Q.41 In cross-over bioavailability studies, in which the subjects must be rested for sufficient time between each drug administration to ensure that ‘washout’ is complete. Practically, wash-out deemed complete, when

  1. a) 95% is washed out
  2. b) 100% is washed out
  3. c) 80% is washed out
  4. d) none of these

Q.42 it is result of drying coated tablets in ovens, due to rapid evaporation of the solvent from the core and the effect of high temperature on the strength, elasticity & adhesion of the film

  1. a) Orange peel effect
  2. b) Blistering
  3. c) Cracking
  4. d) Bloom

Q.43 How many parts of 10% ointment be mixed with 2 parts of 18% Ointment to get 12% Ointment

  1. a) 2
  2. b) 3
  3. c) 5
  4. d) 6

Q.44 The initial concentration of a drug solution which is most stable at pH 2.5 is 10 U/ml and the rate constant is 5 x 10-5 S-1 at 250C. What is the half-life of a drug if its Decomposition follows zero order kinetics?

  1. a) 27.78 hrs
  2. b) 3.85 hrs
  3. c) 231 hrs
  4. d) 20.51 hrs

Q.45 the common dose of radiation in sterilization is

  1. a) 2.5 M rad
  2. b) 5.0 M rad
  3. c) 1.2 M rad
  4. d) 7.5 M rad

Q.46 The mouthwash preparation which act by precipitating proteinaceous material and Removing by flushing is

  1. a) Buffered mouthwashes
  2. b) Astringent mouthwashes
  3. c) Therapeutic mouthwashes
  4. d) Cosmetic mouthwashes

Q.47 one of ingredient in vanishing cream is

  1. a) Stearic acid
  2. b) Bees wax
  3. c) Cetosteryl alcohol
  4. d) Olive oil

Q.48 the mesh size of talc powder used in face powder preparation is

  1. a) 44 mesh
  2. b) 100 mesh
  3. c) 120 mesh
  4. d) 200 mesh

Q.49 one of the conditioning agents in shampoo preparation is

  1. a) Sulphonate
  2. b) Lanolin
  3. c) Carboxyvinyl polymer
  4. d) Carbomer

Q.50 The cotton pledge which soaked in solution of drug and placed in superior or Inferior fonix of eye are called

  1. a) Eye packs
  2. b) Eye dicks
  3. c) Eye inserts
  4. d) Ocular insert


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