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Microbiology unit:- 2 full details study note pdf


  • Write details note on Staning techniques
  • Classification of Staning
  • Measurement of bacterial growth
  • Write definition on sterilization on short note about sterilization
  • Indole test
  • Methyl red test
  • Voges test
  • Cirate utilization test
  • Definition and short note :- Sterility indicator
  • Write about dry heat sterilization
  • Write about physical indicator, chemical indicator, biological indicator
  • Write details note note on moist heat sterilization
  • Write details note note on Gasous sterilization
  • Write details note note on Radiation sterilization
  • Write details note note on Filtration sterilization

According to syllables

Unit II

  • Identification of bacteria using staining techniques (simple, Gram’s &Acid fast staining) and biochemical tests (IMViC).
  • Study of principle, procedure, merits, demerits and applications of physical,chemical gaseous,radiation and mechanical method of sterilization.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of sterilization methods.
  • Equipments employed in large scale sterilization.
  • Sterility indicators.