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Microbiology unit:- 3 full details study note pdf


  • Write details short note about fungi
  • Comparison of select features of fungi vs bacteria
  • Classification of fungi
    1). Write morphological classification
    2). Taxonomical classification
  • Different between mold and Yeast
  • Write detail explanations on Reproduction of fungi by self
  • Write detail explanations on Cultivation of fungi
  • Write detail explanations on important of fungi
  • Write detail explanations on viruses
    Classification of viruses
    1). OTB of morphology
    2). OTB of genetic material
    3). OTB of Their host
  • Write detail short note about structure of viruses
  • Symmetry of viruses
  • Write detail explanations on replication in viruses
  • Write detail explanations on cultivation of viruses
  • Write detail explanations on Tissue culture
  • What is disifantion Ideal properties and classification of disinfectant
  • Factors affecting/ influence of disinfectant
  • Rideal welker test
  • Aoac test
  • Bacteriostatic test
  • Sterility testing methods
  • Write about method of sterility test
  • Types of spoilage
  • Factors affecting/ influence microbial spoilage
  • Source types of microbial evaluation / contamination
  • Assessment of microbial
  • contamination and spoilage
  • Systhatic preservation
  • Natural preservation

According to syllables

Unit III

  • Study of morphology, classification, reproduction/replication and
    cultivation of Fungi and Viruses.
  • Classification and mode of action of disinfectants
  • Factors influencing disinfection, antiseptics and their evaluation. For
    bacteriostatic and bactericidal actions
  • Evaluation of bactericidal & Bacteriostatic.
  • Sterility testing of products (solids, liquids, ophthalmic and other sterile
    products) according to IP, BP and USP.