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Novel Drug Delivery system (Part:- 3) MCQs with Answers

1. A spherical solid lipid particle prepared from physiological lipid, dispersed in water or in aqueous surfactant solution.
A. Solid lipid nanoparticle
B. Liposome
C. Niosome
D. Nanoparticle

2. A prominent structure for ocular absorption of drugs
A. Conjunctiva
B. Choroid
C. Sclera
D. Cornea

3. The polymer used in “Lacriset”
A. Hydoxy ethyl cellulose
B. Hydoxy Methyl cellulose
C. Methyl cellulose
D. Hydroxy propyl cellulose

4.An ocular device that has the shape of a flag
A. Ocusert
B. Lacrisert

5. Which of the following does not constitute an appendageal route?
A. Sweat glands
B. Hair follicle
C. Sebaceous gland
D. Stratum corneum

6. “Transderm-Scop” is used in the treatment of
A. Hypertension
B. Angina
C. Motion sickness
D. Antidote for smoking

7. The size of particles in a a parenteral suspension should be
A. 10 to 20 µm
B. Less than 10 µm
C 100 to 200 µm
D.50 to 100 µm

8. The anterior part of the nasal cavity opening towards the face.
A. Nasopharynx
B. Nasal septum
C. Nasal vestibule
D. Nasal turbinate

9. Monolithic devices
A. have drugs with large therapeutic indices
B. have rapid drug permeation
C. only hydrophilic polymers are used
D. release is through a polymer membrane

10. Drug release from osmotic drug delivery systems depends on
A. osmotic pressure
B. ionic strength
C. osmotic pressure & ionic strength
D. osmotic pressure & environment in git

11. One method to prepare nanoparticles is
A. pan coating
B. filtration
C. solubilisation
D. precipitation

12. Excipient to increase density of GRDDS is
A. zinc oxide
B. talc
C. sodium bicarbonate
D. calcium carbonate

13. __________ is a dispersed matrix system
A. nanospheres
B. nanoparticles
C. nanocapsules
D. nanopolymers

14. Chitosan is a __________ mucoadhesive polymer
A. cationic
B. anionic
C. synthetic
D. non-ionic

15. Which of the following is a natural polymer used in nanoparticles.
B. Polylactic acid
C. Alginate
D. Polystyrene

16. A microcapsule has____________
A. Drug dispersed in matrix
B. Dug core surrounded by distinct wall
C. Drug adsorbed on the surface
D. Drug distributed in polymeric matrix

17. A polymeric implant that is biodegradable
A. Prepared from silicone
B. Prepared from Polyurethane
C. Prepared from Polylactic acid
D. Prepared from polyacrylate

18. Paracellular route for nasal drug delivery is
A. Slow and passive lipodial pathway
B. Slow and passive aqueous pathway
C. Fast and active aqueous pathway
D. Fast and active lipodial pathway

19. Sodium taurocholate used as penetration enhancer is
A. A Surfactant
B. Fatty acid with surfactant property
C. Bile salt with surfactant property
D. Bile salt but no surfactant property

20. pH of nasal formulation in the physiological range
A. Keeps the drug in ionized state
B. Alters physiological ciliary movements
C. Increases mucosal irritation
D. Keeps the drug in unionized state and sustains physiological ciliary movements

21. Mucocilliary clearance is
A. A barrier to nasal absorption
B. Not a barrier to nasal absorption
C. It is protective in function
D. It is a barrier to nasal absorption but also protective in function

22. Reservoir systems
A. do not depend on area
B. have a rate controlling membrane
C. follow any order of kinetics
D. are highly porous

23. Factors affecting lymphatic uptake include
A. larger aqueous phase
B. greater hydrophilicity of nanoparticles
C. low concentration of surfactant
D. longer chain length of lipid

24. Stealth liposomes
A. have short half-life
B. are taken up by macrophages
C. have very large size
D. are sterically stabilized

25. An example of a polymer incorporated into dendrimers is
A. propylene glycol
B. polyethyleneimine
C. polyurethane
D. styrene copolymers

26. Modified balance method is used to evaluate
A. particle size
B. adhesive strength
C. drug release
D. swelling

27. Eudragit L100 is a type of
A. cellulose polymer
B. vinyl co-polymer
C. methacetic acid co-polymer
D. methacrylic acid co-polymer

28. A Primary Irritation index of <2 for a transdermal patch indicates that patch is
B.Slightly irritant
C.Moderately irritant
D.Severely irritant

29.Ideal glass transition temperature for a pressure sensitive adhesive used in transdermal system should be
A. – 20° C to – 40° C
B. – 2° C to – 4° C
C. 20° C to 40° C
D. 2° C to 4° C

30. Ocusert is an example of
A. Feedback regulated system
B. Activation modulated system
C. Bio -responsive system
D. Membrane permeation system

31. __________ is an advanced method of determining size of nano particles
A. Atomic force microscopy
B. Ultrasound scattering
C. Compound microscopy
D. Molecular microscopy

32. Chimeric peptides have
A. chylomicrons
B. polymeric micelles
C. peptidomimetic antibodies
D. polymeric nanoparticles

33. Use of monoclonal antibodies for drug delivery to tumors is
A. active targeting
B. passive targeting
C. triggered drug targeting
D. vector targeting

34. _____ is an example of a synthetic biodegradable polymer
A. acrolein
B. polyethylene glycol
D. polystyrene

35. _______is an example of a bioerodible polymer
A. polyorthoesters
B. polycarbonate
C. fluorocarbon

36. Which amongst this is a limitation associated with conventional drug delivery systems?
a. Lower effectiveness
b. Ease of manufacturing
c. Decreased side effects
d. Spatial and temporal control

37. Carbopols are:
a. Synthetic vinyl polymers with ionizable carbonyl group
b. Polyoxythylene ethers with carboxy groups
c. Mineral waxes with hydrocarbon content ranging from C35 to C55
d. Polyoxyethylene derivatives of plyoxypropylene

38. Which amongst the following are the smallest liposomes?
a. Large unilamellar vesicles
b. Oligolamellar vesicles
c. Multilamellar vesicles
d. Multivesicular vesicles

39. Which of the following is used as chemical cross-linking agent in preparation of nanoparticles?
a. Glutaraldehyde
b. 2,2, di-methyl propane
c. Lactides and glycolides
d. Poly (acryl) starch

40. What type of protein binding characteristics of a drug are desirable to be formulated into an ocular system?
a. Low
b. Medium
c. High
d. It has no bearing

41. A positive temperature-sensitive hydrogel has —————- critical solution temperature
a. Upper
b. Lower
c. Hybrid
d. Mixed

42. The stratum corneum consists of ——————layers of keratinized cells
a. 10 to 25
b. 0 to 10
c. 25 to 50
d. Above 50

43. Peel adhesion is tested by measuring the force required to pull a single coated tape, applied to a substrate at a ………………° angle
a. 180
b. 360
c. 45
d. 90

44. Which of the following is the Noyes – Whitney equation?screenshot 2021 05 18 21 08 55 436 com6842528836961072418 Novel Drug Delivery system (Part:- 3) MCQs with Answers

45. Which of the following is an effective barrier for drug?
a. Tight junctions
b. Pinocytes
c. Glucose transporters
d. Protein carriers

46. To prevent the loss of drug that has migrated into the adhesive layer during storage, this is used
a. Release liner
b. Rate controlling membrane
c. Adhesive layer
d. Backing membrane

47. Webels model is used for evaluation of
a.Pulmonary Targeting
b.Nasal Targeting
c. Hepatic Targeting
d. Ocular targeting

48. These noninvasive techniques have been used for drug delivery to brain
a. Nanogels
b. Bradykinin administration
c. Onmaya reservoir
d. Microgel

49. In Pulmonary Drug Delivery the drug absorption is achieved due to
a. High lipophilicity and large surface area
b. Low lipophilicity and small surface area
c. High hydrophilicity and large surface area
d. Low hydrophilicity and Small surface area

50. The dissolution study of colon targeted drugs is carried by
a. Bio Dis III apparatus
b. Beaker Method
c. Flow through cell
d. USP Type I AND II Apparatus

51. These are a unique class of synthetic macromolecules having highly branched, three dimensional, nanoscale architecture with very low polydispersity index and high functionality
a. Dendrimers
b. Neosomes
c. Auasomes
d. Nanoparticles

52. _________ is carrier for Haemoglobin
a. Neosome
b. Nanoparticle
c. Aquasomes
d. Phytosomes

53. Following is the example of invasive brain targeting
a. Osmogens
b. Colloidal carriers
c. Amino acid transporters
d. Neosomes


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