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Parenteral Products, Ophthalmic Preparations (Unit:- 4):- Hand written notes


  • Parenteral Products:
    a. Definition, types, advantages and limitations. Preformulation factors and essential requirements, vehicles, additives, importance of isotonicity
  • b. Production procedure, production facilities and controls, aseptic processing
  • c. Formulation of injections, sterile powders, large volume parenterals and
    lyophilized products.
  • d. Containers and closures selection, filling and sealing of ampoules, vials and infusion fluids. Quality control tests of parenteral products.
  • Ophthalmic Preparations: Introduction, formulation considerations; formulation of eye drops, eye ointments and eye lotions; methods of preparation; labeling, containers; evaluation of ophthalmic preparations
  • Industrial Pharmacy Unit 4 hand written notes pdf download free
  • Industrial Pharmacy hand written notes
      • Subject:– industrial Pharmacy
      • Semester:- fifths sem, sem 5
      • Course:- Bachelor of pharmacy, bpharm

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