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Pharmaceutical Microbiology GTU Exam IMP / commen Question


       GTU Q. of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

WINTER -2019
1. (a) Classify bacteria according to their physical requirement for the growth with suitable example
2. (b) Differentiate following
i) Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
ii) Bacteria and virus
3. (c) Enlist types of media for bacterial growth with suitable examples. Explain selective and
differential media
4. Explain electron microscopy with its application and limitation
5. Enumerate technique for the quantitative measurement of bacterial growth and
explain any one method for viable count

SUMMER -2020
1. How is preparation of microbial specimens done for compound microscopy? 06
2. (b) Write a brief note on (any one)
i. Phase contrast Microscopy
ii. Fluorescence Microscopy
iii. Electron Microscopy
3. Draw a labeled diagram of a Prokaryotic cell. 06
4. (b) Write on (any two)
i. Cell wall of Gram positive and Gram negative cell
ii. Endospores
iii. Ribosomes
5. (c) Give differences between a Eukaryotic cell and a Prokaryotic cell.
6. Write about different Nutrient media in detail. 06
7. (b) Give methods of Preservation of bacterial cultures. 05
8. (c) Explain methods of Direct measurement of microbial growth.

WINTER -2020
1. Define microscopy. Discuss specimen preparation for electron microscopy.
2. (c) Describe contribution of Louis Pasteur in Microbiology.
3. (a) Define total and viable counts. Discuss methods for measurement of bacterial counts.06
4. (b) Write a note on anaerobic growth medium.
5. Write a note: Bacterial Flagella.
6. (c) Write a note on: Bacterial endospore.
WINTER -2019
1. Draw a labeled diagram of horizontal autoclave and discuss its principal, merits, demerits and
2. (b) What is differential staining technique? explain acid fast staining 05
3. (c) Discuss cultivation of anaerobic bacteria in detail
4. (b) Give a detailed account on Gaseous sterilization 05
5. (c) Discuss sterility indicators for the validation of Sterilization methods
6. Write a short not on IMViC test for the identification of bacteria

SUMMER -2020
1. What are Differential stains? Write on principle and procedure citing a suitable
2. Write in brief on (any one)
i. Filtration sterilization
ii. Radiation sterilization
3. Write on Biochemical tests for identification and classification of bacteria.
4. Give objective and Pharmacopoeial method for Sterility testing of Water for

WINTER -2020
1. Describe physical, chemical and biological monitors for sterilization.
2. (c) Enlist suitable method for sterilization of following:
1. i.v sets 2. Culture media 3. Milk 4. Serum 5. Rubber closures 6. Petriplate
7. Suturing needle 8. Blanket 9. Eye ointment 10. Paraffin oil
3. (a) Classify staining techniques. Explain Gram staining in detail.
4. (a) Classify sterilization techniques. Explain Autoclaving in detail.
5. (a) Explain the following terms:
1. Psychrophiles 2.Lithotrophs 3.MIC 4.iMViC 5.Virion 6.Microaerophiles

WINTER -2019
1. Classify the disinfectants. Enlist the factors affecting disinfection. Discuss any two 06
2. (b) Enumerate the methods of evaluation of disinfectants. Explain Rideal-Walker test 05
3. Explain significance of control test, Media and Method recommended for the sterility testing of
Pharmaceutical product as per IP

SUMMER -2020
1. Enumerate Physical methods of microbial control and write on Autoclaving with a labeled diagram..
2. Classify Disinfectants. Enumerate their methods of evaluation. Write on Ethylene oxide as chemo
3. Write in defects (any one)
i. Viruses
ii. Classification of Fungi
4. Differentiate between a Bacteriostatic and a Bactericidal agent giving suitable examples.

WINTER -2020
1. Discuss sterility testing of sulphacetamide eye drops as per IP.
2. (a) Describe lytic and lysogenic cycle for virus multiplication.
3. What is fungal dimorphism? Discuss taxonomy of fungi.

WINTER -2019
1. Enumerate various methods used for microbiological Assay. Discuss one level assay
method for microbial assay of antibiotics
2. (b) How do you carried out the microbiological assay of Vitamin B12 as per IP
3. Explain the various sources of contamination in an aseptic area and methods of prevention

SUMMER -2020
1. Write on various methods of Microbiological Assay explaining standardization
of an antibiotic.
2. Write on : Laminar flow equipments 06
3. (b) Write on : Different sources of contamination 05
4. (c) Write on : Clean area classification

WINTER -2020
1. (b) Discuss standards for clean room classifications and its applications.
2. (b) Draw a well labeled lay out of the aseptic area.
3. (b) Name organisms used to perform microbiological assay of following:
1.Tetracycline 2.Candidicin 3. Mitomycin 4.Ampicillin 5. Chloramphenicol.

WINTER -2019
1. Discuss factors affecting the microbial spoilage of Pharmaceutical products
2. Give the applications of cell cultures in Pharmaceutical industry 05
3. (c) Explain various parameters to maximize the preservative efficacy of an antimicrobial
4. (c) Explain various methods for the preservation of pure culture

SUMMER -2020
1. What are called Microbial Spoilages? Give their types. Write on factors affecting spoilage of
pharmaceutical products by microbes.

WINTER -2020
1. Explain applications of animal cell culture in pharmaceutical research.
2. (c) Elaborate types of spoilage in pharmaceutical formulations.
3. (b) Write a note on transformed cell cultures with examples.
4. Describe preservatives for pharmaceutical products.

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