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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

NO.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Microbiology unit:- 1Jitesh palClick Hear
2.Microbiology unit:- 2Jitesh palClick Hear
3.Microbiology unit:- 3Jitesh palClick Hear
4.Microbiology unit:- 4Jitesh palClick Hear
5.Evaluation of disinfectantVaishnavi gopalClick Hear
6.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 1 ketul PatilClick Hear
7.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 2 ketul Patil Click Hear
8.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 3ketul Patil Click Hear
9.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 4ketul Patil Click Hear
10.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 5 ketul Patil Click Hear
11.B.Pharm Microbiology unit:- 1DuloMixClick Hear

Topic / Question Wise Notes Microbiology

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.Microbiology Notes (List) Dhruvin Click Hear

MCQs with Answers of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

No.Topics Publish ByClick Link
1.Microbiology Part-1 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
2.Microbiology Part-2 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
3.Microbiology Part-3 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
4.Microbiology Part-4 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
5.Microbiology Part-5 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
6.Microbiology Part-6 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
7.Microbiology Part-7 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
8.Microbiology Part-8 MCQs with AnswersClick Hear
9.Microbiology Mcqs Test SeriesClick Hear
10.Pharmacetical Microbiology MCQs with AanswersClick Hear
11.Microbiology Biochemistry Part 1 MCQs with answersClick Hear
12.Microbiology Biochemistry Part 2 MCQs with answersClick Hear

PDF / PPT / Articles/ Video of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

No.TopicsPublish ByClick Link
1.Microbiology PDF Study MaterialClick Hear
2.Types of Immunnity (Video)Click Hear
3.GPAT Question Paper 2020 (Video)Click Hear
4.Identification of BactriaAnjali PrajapatiClick Hear

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