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Pharmaceutics (Part-8) MCQs with Answers


Q.51 Lachrymal secretion has pH in the range of

  1. a) 7.0 to 7.2
  2. b) 6.8 to 7.0
  3. c) 7.2 to 7.4
  4. d) 7.4 to 7.6

Q.52 most commonly used antioxidant in eye preparation is

  1. a) Chlorobutanol
  2. b) Sodium metabisulphite
  3. c) Benzalkonium Chloride
  4. d) none

Q.53 The dose of child by Fried’s formula

  1. a) (Age in mounths/150) x Adult dose
  2. b) (Age in years/150) x Adults dose
  3. c) (Age in years/12) x Adult dose
  4. d) (Age in months/12) x Adult dose

Q.54 Basket dissolution apparatus is

  1. a) USP dissolution apparatus 1
  2. b) USP dissolution apparatus 2
  3. c) USP dissolution Apparatus 3
  4. d) USP dissolution apparatus 4

Q.55 As per quality control, the test for sterility as per IP, the method B is

  1. a) Membrane filtration method
  2. b) Direct inoculation method
  3. c) Turbidimetric method
  4. d) Disc method

Q.56 as per GMP requirement the filters for sterile air are

  1. a) HEPA filters
  2. b) Membrane filters
  3. c) Edge filters
  4. d) Asbestos filter

Q.57 Arrhenius plot is used for the determination of

  1. a) Solubility of drug
  2. b) stability of drug
  3. c) pKa value of drug
  4. d) Partition coefficient

Q.58 the slugs of powder are filled in capsules by the capsule filling machine namely

  1. a) Lilly Rotasort
  2. b) Hofliger-karg
  3. c) Farmatic Model 2000/160
  4. d) Lilly Rotofil

Q.59 Type B gelatin is from an alkali treated precursor and has its isoelectric zone in the Region of

  1. a) pH 9.0
  2. b) pH 4.7
  3. c) pH 7.0
  4. d) pH 1.2

Q.60 The HLB value of sodium oleate is

  1. a) Approx 3.0
  2. b) Around 10.0
  3. c) Around 18.0
  4. d) Approx 40.0

Q.61 Embedding the drug in insoluble excipients produce extended release according to

  1. a) Zero order rate
  2. b) First order rate
  3. c) Second order rate
  4. d) Square root law of Higuchi

Q.62 By coating the granules with water insoluble polymer, one can achieve the release of drug as per

  1. a) Zero order rate
  2. b) First order rate
  3. c) Half order rate
  4. d) Pseudo First order rate

Q.63 In transdermal therapeutic systems the most commonly used penetration enhancer is

  1. a) Glycerin
  2. b) Propyl Glycol
  3. c) Dimethyl sulfonate
  4. d) Lanolin

Q.64 Transdermal preparations are prepared for those drugs which

  1. a) Undergoes first pass metabolism
  2. b) have bigger molecules
  3. c) are costly
  4. d) are hydrophilic

Q.65 A sustained release products can be prepared by using
a) Solid dispersion technique with water soluble excipients
b) Large particles delaying its disintegration
c) Spray drying technique with water soluble excipients
d) A good disintegrating agent

Q.66 The Implant of sustained release devices which are

  1. a) Introduced into tissues
  2. b) taken orally
  3. c) Used in place of suppository
  4. d) Placed on the skin to release the drug

Q.67 Oral Osmotic therapeutic System is called

  1. a) Orosmotic
  2. b) OROS
  3. c) Osmotica
  4. d) Dura-tab

Q.68 The release of drug from cellulose acetate phthalate is due to

  1. a) pH independent solubility
  2. b) pH dependent solubility
  3. c) Release of drug due to erosion
  4. d) Zero order release

Q.69 Methyl cellulose dissolves better in

  1. a) Cold water
  2. b) Hot water
  3. c) Soft paraffin
  4. d) Glycerin

Q.70 In pharmaceutical dosage forms for external application, the glycerin is used as

  1. a) Therapeutic agent
  2. b) Humectant
  3. c) Surface active agent
  4. d) antiseptic

Q.71 Phonophoresis is the technique in which
a) Drug is absorbed through skin using ultrasound
b) Drug is absorbed through skin using electric current
c) Drug is absorbed through skin using penetration enhancers
d) Drug is separated from other substances using electrophoresis

Q.72 The drug suspention in melted wax is sprayed and quickly cooled is the technique

  1. a) Air suspention coating
  2. b) Co-acervation with heat
  3. c) spray drying
  4. d) spray congealing

Q.73 The core-coated tablets are prepared by using

  1. a) Press coating tabletting machine
  2. b) Rotary tablet machine
  3. c) Spray drying machine
  4. d) Co-acevation phase separation

Q.74 Aerosil is an pharmaceutical excipients and it is also called

  1. a) Spray drying lactose
  2. b) Calcium sulphate
  3. c) Colloidal silica
  4. d) HPMC

Q.75 Lamellae is a sustained release preparation which is used for

  1. a) Making depot under skin
  2. b) Intrauterine purpose
  3. c) Skin conditions
  4. d) Ophthlamic conditions

Q.76 Vinyl acetate after reacting with the following form a copolymer used for making Implant of matrix type

  1. a) Vinyl chloride
  2. b) Polyamide
  3. c) Polyvinyl chloride
  4. d) Polyvinyl pyrrolidine

Q.77 In Aerosol preparation for lungs delivery the particle size should be less than the Following for diffusion into the systemic circulation

  1. a) 2 μm
  2. b) 0.5 μm
  3. c) 2.8 μm
  4. d) 0.02 μm

Q.78 The liposamal preparations are used for

  1. a) Drug targeting to liver
  2. b) Drug targeting to body joints
  3. c) Making sustained release for oral
  4. d) making preparations for stability purpose

Q.79 The outermost skin layer which possess resistance to penetration of drug is

  1. a) Stratum granulosum
  2. b) Dermis
  3. c) Stratum corneum
  4. d) Viable epidermis

Q.80 The plasticizers in making soft gelatin capsules are used in the preparation is

  1. a) 10 to 17 % of wet gel base
  2. b) 20 to 30 % of wet gel formulation
  3. c) 5% of gelatin
  4. d) 50 % of gelatin

Q.81 As per quality control procedure the samples of antibiotic for assay is done using

  1. a) Six different assays using six different weighing
  2. b) Twelve different assay
  3. c) Twenty repetition
  4. d) Ten time assaying

Q.82 The Scientist involved in DNA cloning technique

  1. a) Nirenberg, Ochao and Leder
  2. b) Boyer, Cohen and Berg
  3. c) Boyer, Milstein and Koner
  4. d) Franklin and Wilkins

Q.83 Interaleukin-I is secreted by

  1. a) T-cells
  2. b) B-cells
  3. c) T-lymphocytes
  4. d) Monocytes/macrophase

Q.84 A systematic antihaemophilic factor indicated for the treatment of hemophilia A is

  1. a) Kogenate
  2. b) Filggratim
  3. c) Sargramostim
  4. d) Proleukin

Q.85 A peptide drug used for the treatment of human growth hormone deficiency in children is

  1. a) Protropin
  2. b) Intron A
  3. c) Activase
  4. d) Humulin

Q.86 A pharmaceutical produced through recombinant DNA techniques and used to assist childbirth is

  1. a) Orthoclone
  2. b) Interleukins
  3. c) β-endorphin
  4. d) Relaxin

Q.87 The subunit vaccines consist only

  1. a) Protein portion of a pathogens
  2. b) DNA pat of bacteria
  3. c) HLA antigens
  4. d) Surface antigens

Q.88 The most commonly used humectants in tooth paste includes

  1. a) Glycerol
  2. b) Sorbitol
  3. c) both a & b
  4. d) none of these

Q.89 Dust hazard due to handling of powders can be minimized by

  1. a) Entertial separation
  2. b) Incineration
  3. c) settling chambers
  4. d) Ultrafiltration

Q.90 The act which covers safety parameters in a pharmaceutical industry is

  1. a) SHPA
  2. b) OSHA
  3. c) EPA
  4. d) GMP

Q.91 Brown color frequently used in eye makeup preparation is

  1. a) Carmine
  2. b) Iron oxide
  3. c) Chromium oxide
  4. d) None

Q.92 The plasma half-life of a drug is
a) Inversely proportional to its elimination rate constant
b) Directly proportional to its elimination rate constant
c) Equal to its elimination rate constant
d) Proportional to its apparent volume of distribution

Q.93 If F is fraction of drug absorbed, D is Non intravascular dose, CL is Plasma Clearance and AUC in Area under curve then the correct equation is

  1. a) FD = AUC/CL
  2. b) FD = CL.AUC
  3. c) FD = 1/D.CL.AUC
  4. d) FD = CL/AUC

Q.94 Drug binding to plasma protein is a distributive process
a) Which is a characteristics of drugs with less biological half life
b) Which is most common in elderly persons
c) Which increase the drug elimination
d) Which delays drug elimination

Q.95 The amount of substance excreted by kidney is equal to
a) amount transferred by tubules
b) Amount filtered by glomerulus plus active secretion
c) Amount filtered by glomerulus plus the net amount transferred by tubule
d) Amount transferred by tubules plus active secretion

Q.96 First pass metabolism of certain drugs occurred when given by

  1. a) Oral route
  2. b) Transdremal route
  3. c) Sublingual route
  4. d) Suppository dosage form

Q.97 The bilary clearance of a drug is equal to

  1. a) Bile flow × (Conc in plasma/Conc in bile)
  2. b) Bile flow × (Conc in bile/Conc. In plasma
  3. c) (Conc. in plasma – Conc. in bile) × bile flow
  4. d) Conc in plasma – Conc. in bile

Q.98 The major drug-eliminating organs in the body are

  1. a) Kidney & lungs
  2. b) Liver & Large Intestine
  3. c) Kidney & Salivary gland
  4. d) Kidney & Liver

Q.99 Polymorphs in high energy state exhibit

  1. a) greater solubility
  2. b) Lesser Solubility
  3. c) Lesser bioavailability
  4. d) poor absorption

Q.100 The mouth-to cecum transit of drug in healthy humans is

  1. a) 0.5 to 2 hours
  2. b) 0.5 to 4 hours
  3. c) 1.5 to 3.5 hours
  4. d) 4 to 6 hours