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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-13 ) with Answers


Q51.The short duration of action of thiopental is thought to be due to primary to
A. Metabolism
B. Redistribution
C. Excretion
D. Tachyphylaxis

Q52.Serum level of drug monitored when the patient is on
A. Lithium
B. Haloperidol
C. Diazepam
D. Acetazolamide

Q53.Hyperplasia of the gums is a common side effect of lone term therapy with
A. Diphenylhydantoin
B. Diazepam
C. Trimethadione
D. phenobarbitone

Q54.Which drug should not be given alone with levodopa?
A. Carbidopa
B. MAO Inhibitors
C. Atropine
D. Bensarazide

Q55.Lmipramine has a structural similarity to
A. Phenothiazines
B. Rauwolfia alkaloids
C. Diphenylmethane
D. Hydrazine

Q56.Dopamine is preferred in treatment of shock because
A. Renal vasodilatory effect
B. Increase cardiac output
C. peripheral vasoconstriction
D. prolonged action

Q57.Choose the ulcer protective agent
A. Lansoprazole
B. Sucralfate
C. Pirenzepine
D. Cimetidine

Q58.Infantile myoclonus is best treated with-
A. Clonazepam
B. Diazepam
C. Phenytoin
D. Phenobarbitone

Q59.Carbenoxolone sodium acts by

Q60.Which of the following is most effective in inhibiting gastric acid secretion ?
A. Ranitidine
B. Famotidine
C. Omeprazole
D. Pirenzepine

Q61.Chenodiol acts by

Q62.Lactulose is
A. Disaccharide of fructose and lactose
B. Not absorbed from intestine and retains water
C. Reduces blood NH3 in hepatic coma
D. All the above

Q63.Which of the following muscle relaxant is more hepatotoxic?
A. Baclofen
B. Dantrolene
C. Mephenesin
D. All the above

Q64.Bromocryptine is
A. A partial agonist of dopamine
B. A Partial antagonist of dopamine
C. Used in treatment of parkinson’’ disease
D. All of the above are correct.

Q65.Bromoergocryptine is found useful in all but one of the following conditions
A. parkinson ‘s disease
B. Acromegaly
C. Cardiac arrhythmia
D. Hyperprolactinemia

Q66.l.V. Fluphenazine decanoate is drug of choice in
A. Simple Schizophrenia
B. Hebephrenic Schizophrenia
C. Catatonic Schizophrenia
D. Paranoid schizophrenia

Q67.Drug of choice in juvenile chronic arthritis in children is
A. Aspirin
B. Indomethacin
C. Prendnisolone
D. Phenylbutazone

Q68.Pilocarpine the alkaloid of Jaborandi has ____
A. Antagonist effect of atropine
B. Agonist effect of atropine
C. Sedative effect
D. Diuretic activity

Q69.Which of the following drugs contain bufadienolide-glyosides ?
A. Scilla bulbus
B. Convallaria
C. Digitalis
D. Oleander

Q70.Select the drugs with significant rutin (rutoside) content
A. Fagopyrum
B. Liquorice
C. Hypericum
D. Aurantii pericarpium

Q71.Choose the drug which contain no cardioactive compounds
A. Thornapple leaf
B. Thevetia
C. Oleander
D. Foxglove leaf

Q72.Which are the most frequently occuring special sugars present in the cardioactive glycosides ?
A. Cymarose
B. Digitoxose
C. Both A and B
D. Fuctose

Q73.Choose the plant species which are steroid sources for industry
A. Liquorise species
B. Dioscorea composita
C. Hydrastis canadensis
D. Ipomea purga

Q74.What type of compound is arbutin used in urological infections ?
A. Flavonoid glycoside
B. Phenolic glycoside
C. Furanocoumarin
D. Iridoid glycoside

Q75.Why Rheum raponticum can’’ be used for medical purpose instead of Rheum palmatum?
A. Because the emodin content of Rheum raponticum is too much
B. Because the rhein content of the Rheum Raponticum is too low
C. Because the chrysophanol content of Rheum palmatum is higher than in case of Rheum raponticum
D. Because the Rheum rhaponticum contains a stilbene derivative which has undesirable hormonal activity

Q76.Which of the following compounds makes model for the synthesis of methyl-psoralens ?
A. Cocaine
B. Ephedrin
C. Tubocurarin
D. Xanthotoxin

Q77.Which is the right test for the cardioactive glycosides of Foxglove leaf ?
A. Murexide
B. Liebermann-Burchard
C. Keller-Kiliani
D. 2,4-dinitro-phenylhydrazine

Q78.Choose the right test for identification of anthraquinones
A. Marquis test
B. Murexide test
C. Liebermann-Burchard test
D. Borntrager test

Q79.The haemolytic index shows
A. The di- and sesquiterpene content of the volatile oils
B. The saponin content of the drugs
C. The steroid content of the drugs
D. The aliphatic monoterpene content of the drugs

Q80.Saponin containing drug are used as
A. Laxative
B. Bitter tonic
C. Expectorant
D. Emetic

Q81.Select the vegetable drugs contaning pseudoalkaloids
A. Cinchona
B. Veratrum
C. Secale
D. Ephedra

Q82.Which f the following rections serve as possibilities in the detection of quinoline alkaloids ?
A. Vitali reaction
B. Thallequin reaction
C. Murexid reaction
D. Keller-kiliani reaction

Q83.Which of the following is quaternary alkaloid ?
A. Berberine
B. Bhelidonine
C. Vincamine
D. Brucine

Q84.Select the tryptophan derived alkaloids from the following list
A. Ecgonine
B. Quinine
C. Strychnine
D. Both A and B

Q85.Select the lysine-drived alkaloids from the following list
A. Coniine
B. Pilocarpine
C. Strychnine
D. Tropine

Q86.Which one are correct from the following statements cocerning with Opium ?
A. Opium is the dried latex obtained by incision from unripe capsule of Opium poppy
B. Opium is the dried juice of the cutting leaves of opium poppy
C. Opium id the dried water extract of the shoot of the opium poppy
D. Opium is used in the medicine as diuretics and laxative

Q87.Choose the alkaloids derived from phenylalanine
A. Tubocurarine
B. Narcotine
C. Quinidine
D. Both A and B

Q88.The alkaloids are grouped by the origin and position of nitrogen atom(s) as proto-, typical and pseudo-alkaloids respectively. Choose the pseudo-alkaloids from the following
A. Protoveratrine
B. Pilocarpine
C. Thebaine
D. Ergocornin

Q89.In the typical alkaloids N atom(s) derived from amino acid is/are present
A. In heterocyclic ring
B. As ammonium cation
C. As substituent of benzene ring
D. In their side chain

Q90.Opium is used in the medicine as
A. Emetic
B. Tarting material for morphine production
C. Pain killer
D. Both A and B

Q91.The alkaloids of Ipecacuanha root have______effect.
A. Expectorant
B. Pain killer
C. Amoebicide
D. Both A and B

Q92.Choose the drug which contain alkaloids derived from ornithine ?
A. Hellebore rhizome
B. Henbane leaf
C. Coca leaf
D. Both A and B

Q93.Ergot is the _______ of the fungus Claviceps purpurea.
A. Filamentous hyphae
B. Dried sclerotium
C. Ascospore
D. Conidiospore

Q94.Choose the right reagent for alkaloids
A. 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine
B. Antimony-lll-chloride
C. Potassium-tetraiodomercurate
D. Phloroglucinol inconcentrated hydrochloric acid

Q95.Which of the following plant constituents can be characterized by reversible complexation with proteins ?
A. Alkaloids
B. Saponins
C. Tannins
D. Mucilages

Q96.Which of the following alkaloids derived from lysine ?
A. Emetin
B. Lobeline
C. Cinchonidine
D. Brucine

Q97.Cocaine is use as________in the officinal medicinal
A. Narcotic
B. Emetic
C. Sedarive
D. Local anaesthetic

Q98.The iridoids are
A. Constituents of volatile oils
B. Starting unit of the tannin biogenesis
C. Precursor of biosynthesis of saponins
D. Precursors of the biogenesis of certain alkaloids

Q99.Alkaloids are naturally occurring compound which contain ______in their molecules.
A. One or more N atom(s)
B. Two heterocyclic rings
C. One C15 side chain on the benzene ring
D. One or two N atom(s) originated from amino acids

Q100.Which one is peptide alkaloid ?
A. Vasinne
B. Ambroxol
C. Ergometrine
D. Vomicine