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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-15 ) with Answers


Q101.Before the extraction of alkaloid the drug are treated with alkali to
A. Remove dust particle
B. Set free the base
C. Separate free base
D. Both A and B

Q102.Ephedrine is __________amine
A. Tertiary
B. Secondary
C. Quaternary
D. None of these

Q103.Which of the these alkaloidal salts are more soluble in water
A. Quinine HCl
B. Quinine sulphate
C. Cinchonidine
D. Quinine

Q104.The steroidal alkaloids is a example of the following
A. True alkaloid
B. Proto alkaloid
C. Amino alkaloid
D. Pseudo alkaloid

Q105.In L-hyoscyamine biosynthesis acetoacetic acid with N-methyl pyrolinium salt give
A. Tropinone
B. Tropine
C. Hygrine
D. None of these

Q106.Methyl group donor in tropane alkaloid is
A. Phenyl alanine
B. Ornithine
C. Methionine
D. None of these

Q107.Upper and lower hypodermal collenchyma near to midrib is charachterstic of
A. D. stramonium
B. D. metel
C. Deadly night shade
D. None of these

Q108.Hydrolysis of cocaine gives
A. Ecgonine
B. Methyl alcohol
C. Cinnamic acid
D. Both A and B

Q109.Adulterant of belladonna herb is
A. Phytolacca Americana
B. Solanum nigrum
C. Ailanthus glandulosa
D. All of these

Q110.Ephedrine on oxidation gives
A. Benzoic acid
B. Benzaldehyde
C. Methyl amine
D. Phenyl amine a

Q111.Diterpene alkaloids are present in
A. Aconite
B. Kurchi
C. Vasaka
D. Ashwagandha

Q112.Quinine differs from cinchonidine in its structure by having
A. One Hydroxyl group
B. One Methoxy group
C. One methyl group
D. One Epoxide group

Q113.Which one is nonheterocyclic alkaloids ?
A. Conine
B. Taxol
C. Cocaine
D. Berberine

Q114.Pilocarpine on heating with alkali gett converted in to L
A. Meso form
B. Isopilocarpine
C. CO2
D. Pyridine

Q115.The diagnostic features of Kurchi bark is
A. Fibres with Y shaped pits
B. Horse shoe shaped stone cells
C. Stratified cork
D. Sclereids containing Ca-oxalate crystals

Q116.Colchicine is synthesized from
A. Tyrosine and Phenylalanine
B. Tryptophan and benzoic acid
C. Ornithine and Phenylalanine
D. Ornithine and Tryptophan

Q117.Atropine on hydrolsis with Barium hydroxide gives
A. Tropanol and tropic acid
B. Scopine and tropic acid
C. Ecgonine and benzoic acid
D. Ecgonine and methanol

Q118.Which of the following has oxyticic in action ?
A. Ipecac
B. Ergot
C. Cinchona
D. Coca leaves

Q119.Cocaine on hydrolysis yields
A. Ecgonine + Ethyl alcohol + Acetic acid
B. Ecgonine + Methye alcohol + Benzoic acid
C. Ecgonine + Methyl alcohol + Truxillic acid
D. Ecgonine + Methyl alcohol + Cinnamic acid

Q120.Cinchona alkaloids which gives blue fluorescence on treatment with H2SO4 is
A. Quinine
B. Cinchonine
C. Cinchonidine
D. Quinovine

Q121.Choose the correct statement
A. Active ergot alkaloids are derivatives of isolysergic acid
B. Inactive ergot alkaloids are derivatives of lysergic acid
C. Active ergot alkaloids derived from lysergic acid and inactive ergot alkaloids derived from isolysergic acid
D. Both active and inactive ergot alkaloids derived from lysergic acid

Q122.All of the following contins indole moiety except
A. Strychnine
B. Reserpine
C. Physostigmine
D. Atropine

Q123.All of the following ergot alkaloids are pharmacologically active except
A. Ergometrinine
B. Ergotamine
C. Ergosine
D. Ergocristine

Q124.Brucine is used as alcohol denaturant because it
A. Reduuces alc intoxication
B. Is bitter in taste
C. Makes alc toxic
D. Changes colour of alc

Q125.T.S. of nux-vomica seeds on treatment with ammonium vanadate and concentrated sulphuric acid gives violet colour due to the presence of
A. Brucine
B. Loganin
C. Strychnine
D. Reserpine

Q126.Which of the following Rauwolfia alkaloids are Yohimbine derivatives ?
A. Ajmalicine
B. Ajmaline
C. Serpentine
D. Reserpine

Q127.Rauwolfia serpentine can be distinguished from R. Micrantha by
A. Presence of Reserpine
B. Absence of sclerenchyma
C. Presence of starch grains
D. All of these

Q128.Surface of belladona leaves shows numerous minute prominences of
A. Prism of calcium oxalate
B. Clusters of calcium oxalate
C. Idioblasts of calcium oxalate
D. Conglomerates of calcium oxalate

Q129.The shape of belladona leaves is
A. Ovate
B. Lanceolate
C. Ovate-lanceolate
D. Cylindrical

Q130.Belladona herbs belongs to the chemical class of
A. Indole alkaloids
B. Isoquinoline alkaloids
C. Tropane alkaloids
D. Quinazoline alkaloids

Q131.The alkaloids of opium belonging to the phenanthrene ring include all of the following except
A. Morphine
B. Codeine
C. Thebaine
D. Papaverine

Q132.Substitute of ergot include all of the following except
A. Ergot of wheat
B. Ergot of Rye
C. Ergot of Oats
D. Ergot of Diss

Q133.Ergotoxine is a mixture of
A. 2 alkaloids
B. 3 alkaloids
C. 4 alkaloids
D. 6 alkaloids

Q134.The shape of Ergot is
A. Broken
B. Curved
C. Fusiform
D. Cylindrical

Q135.Ergot is produced during
A. Honeydew stage
B. Sclerotium stage
C. Ascopore stage
D. Sphacelia stage

Q136.The life cycle of Ergot consist of stages as follows
A. Sphacelia or Honeydew Stage
B. Sclerotium stage
C. Ascopore stage
D. All of these

Q137.Rauwolfia belongs to the chemical class of
A. Indole alkaloids
B. Isoquinoline alkaloids
C. Tropane alkaloids
D. Quinazoline alaloids

Q138.Colchicine is used as all of the following except
A. Anti-gout
B. Anti-rheumatic
C. Anti-cancer
D. Anti-hypertensive

Q139.Ephedra consist of _______of Ephedra sinica
A. Dried latex
B. Dried aerial part
C. Died roots
D. Dried leaves

Q140.Aconitine on hydrolysis gives
A. Benzoic acid + Acetic acid + Aconine
B. Cinnamic acid + Tropic acid + Aconine
C. Cinnamic acid + Methyl alcohol + Benzoyl aconine
D. Formic acid + Methyl alcohol + Benzoyl Aconine

Q141.Tropnae composed of_______ring.
A. Imidazoleand Pyridine
B. Pyrrolidine and Piperidine
C. Pyrolidine and Piperazine
D. Imidazole and Indole

Q142.Opium alkaloid having Isoquinoline ring systemis
A. Morphine
B. Codeine
C. Thebaine
D. Papaverine

Q143.Which of the following alkaloids are found as salt of meconic acid ?
A. Ergot
B. Rauwolfia
C. Tropane
D. Opium

Q144.Terminalia tomentosa is an adulterant of
A. Arjuna
B. Myrobalan
C. Bahera
D. Pterocarpus

Q145.Which of the following is used as antidote ?
A. Quercetin
B. Tannnic acid
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Q146.Gold beater skin test is specific chemical test for
A. Alkaloids
B. Resins
C. Sesquiterpenes
D. Tannins

Q147.Example of hydrolysable tannin is
A. Catechin
B. Ketosterol
C. Chebulic acid
D. None of these

Q148.In gambier fluorescene test green fluorescence in light petroleum layer is given by
A. Pale catechu
B. Black catechu
C. Both A and B
D. Teminalia Arjuna

Q149.What are iridoids ?
A. Stress compound characteristic for Lamiaceae family
B. Sesterterpenes with acrid taste
C. The iridoids are monoterpenes with cyclopentan-(c)-pyrane structure
D. Pseudoalkaloids

Q150.What are known as balsams ?
A. Resins dissolved in volatile oil
B. A mixture of volatile oil with sesquiterpenes
C. Resins dissolve in water
D. Polysacharide mixed with volatile oil