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Pharmacology MCQs with Answers (Part:- 1)


1. Prostaglandins are a group of related
a) Alcohol
b) Aldehyde
c) Fatty acid
d) Alkaloids

2. Anti-hypertensive drug which inhibits the renin Angiotensin system is:
a) Reserpine
b) Captopril
c) Methyldopa
d) Propranolol

3. Heparin prevents blood coagulation by
a) Inhibiting thrombin catalyzed conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
b) Precipitate blood calcium thereby prevent coagulation reaction
c) Inhibiting enzyme reaction
d) Converting ionized calcium into chelation

4. The anticoagulant activity of Heparin Sodium Injection I.P. is estimated by using
a) Female rat
b) Male dog
c) Rabbit
d) Sheep

5. In congestive cardiac failure, digitalis glycosides are used because it increase
a) The heart rate
b) The force of myocardial contraction
c) The venous pressure
d) The cardiac filling pressure

6. Select the drug that will aggravate bronchial asthma
a) Amphetamine
b) Morphine
c) Propranolol
d) Tubocurarine

7. Digoxin
a) Has its action terminate metabolism in liver
b) Has plasma t1/2 of 6 hours
c) Should be given half of its normal dose to hypothyroid patient
d) Provides benefit in atrial fibrillation increasing the force of contraction

8. Sodium nitropruside is one of the most potent blood pressure lower drug. Its use is limited because of
a) Its short duration of action
b) Very long duration of action
c) Inactive in oral route
d) None of these

9. The hypotensive effect of Clonidine is due to its action on
a) β-adrenergic receptor
b) α-adrenergic receptor
c) H2-receptor
d) H1-receptor

10. Aminophylline solutions on exposure to air may develop
a) Crystals of theophylline
b) Precipitate of Aminophylline
c) Precipitate of ethylene diamine
d) Straw colour

11. Canrenone is active metabolite of
a) Aldosterone
b) Betamethasone
c) Triamicinolone
d) Spironolactone

12. Which of the following is true of raloxifene (Evista)?
(A) It is used to induce ovulation.
(B) It is an H2-receptor antagonist.
(C) It is used to treat acute migraine headaches.
(D) It is used to prevent osteoporosis

13. The lithium mode of action is:
a) Effect on electrolytes and ion transport
b) Effect on neurotransmitters
c) Effect on second messengers
d) All of the above

14. Select the drug used for pernicious anemia:
a) Ferrous lactate
b) Cyanocobalamin
c) Iron dextran
d) Ferrous gluconate

15. An adverse effect of oral iron therapy?
a) Anemia
b) Thrombocytopenia
c) Headache
d) Constipation

16. All of the following physiologic reactions
are involved in the control of bleeding
a) Platelet adhesion reaction
b) Platelet release reaction
c) Activation of the antifibrinolytic system
d) Triggering of the coagulation process

17. Which of the following substances is synthesized within vessel walls and inhibits thrombogenesis?
a) Thromboxane A2 (TXA2)
b) Prostacyclin (PGI2)
c) Prostaglandin ((PGE)
d) None of the above

18. All of the following groups of drugs are for thrombosis treatment EXCEPT:
a) Anticoagulant drugs
b) Antifibrinolitic drugs
c) Fibrinolitic drugs
d) Antiplatelet drugs

19. All of the following are normally involved in the pathogenesis of heart failure EXCEPT:
a) A cardiac lesion that impairs cardiac output
b) An increase in peripheral vascular resistance
c) A decrease in preload
d) An increase in sodium and water retention

20. All of the following are compensatory mechanisms that occur during the pathogenesis of congestive heart failure EXCEPT:
a) An increase in ventricular end-diastolic volume
b) An increase in the concentration of plasma catecholamines
c) An increase in vagal tone
d) Increased activity of the renin-angiotensinaldosterone system

21. All of these recommended at the initial stages of treating patients with heart failure EXCEPT:
a) Reduced salt intake
b) Verapamil
c) ACE inhibitors
d) Diuretics

22. All of the following agents belong to cardiac glycosides EXCEPT:
a) Digoxin
b) Strophantin K
c) Amrinone
d) Digitoxin

23. The non-glycoside positive inotropic drug is:
a) Digoxin
b) Strophantin K
c) Dobutamine
d) Digitoxin

24. Sugar molecules in the structure of
glycosides influence:
a) Cardiotonic action
b) Pharmacokinetic properties
c) Toxic properties
d) All of the above

25. Aglycone is essential for:
a) Plasma protein binding
b) Half-life
c) Cardiotonic action
d) Metabolism

26. Choose derivative of the plant Foxglove
a) Digoxin
b) Strophantin K
c) Dobutamine
d) Amrinone

27. An important action of digitalis is to increase vagal tone. It’s:
a) True b) False

28. For digitalis-induced arrhythmias the following drug is favored?
a) Verapamil
b) Amiodarone
c) Lidocaine
d) Propanolol

29. All of the following statements regarding cardiac glycosides are true, EXCEPT:
a) They inhibit the Na+/K+-ATPase and thereby
increase intracellular Ca++ in myocardial cells
b) They cause a decrease in vagal tone
c) Children tolerate higher doses of digitalis than do adults
D) the most frequent cause of digitalis
intoxication is concurrent administration of diuretics that deplete K+

30. Digoxin is thought to increase
intracellular concentrations of calcium in myocardial cells by indirectly slowing the action of the sodium-calcium exchanger. This consideration is:
a) True
b) False

31. Compare the half-life of digoxin and the half-life of digitoxin:
a) Digoxin is greater than digitoxin
b) Digitoxin is greater than digoxin
c) Both have similar action
d) None

32. Pharmacovigilance is used
(a) To monitor drug toxicity
(b) To monitor unauthorized drug manufacture
(c) For monitoring of students
(d) To check costs

33. At the horizontal axis of ECG paper, each millimeter represents:
(A) 0.4 sec.
(B) 0.04 sec.
(C) 0.004 sec.
(D) 0.01 sec

34. Which is determined by ECG:
(A) Mechanical performance of the heart:
(B) Cardiac output.
(C) Systolic and diastolic information.
(D) Effects due to changes in fluid electrolytes.

35. The longest wave in ECG is:
(A) P wave. (B) T wave.
(C) Q wave. (D) R wave.

36. All of the following statements regarding cardiac glycosides are true, EXCEPT:
a) They inhibit the activity of the Na+/K+-ATPase
b) They decrease intracellular concentrations of
calcium in myocytes
c) They increase vagal tone
d) They have a very low therapeutic index

37. All of the following statements regarding cardiac glycosides are true, EXCEPT:
a) Digoxin is a mild inotrope
b) Digoxin increases vagal tone
c) Digoxin has a longer half-life than digitoxin
d) Digoxin acts by inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase

38. the most cardiac manifestation of glycosides intoxication is:
a) Atrioventricular junctional rhythm
b) Second-degree atrioventricular blockade
c) Ventricular tachycardia
d) All the above

39. The manifestations of glycosides intoxication are:
a) Visual changes
b) Ventricular tachyarrhythmias
c) Gastrointestinal disturbances
d) All the above

40. For digitalis-induced arrhythmias the following drug is favored:
a) Verapamil
b) Amiodarone
c) Lidocaine
d) Propanolol

41. In very severe digitalis intoxication the best choice is to use:
a) Lidocaine
b) Digibind (Digoxin immune fab)
c) Oral potassium supplementation
d) Reducing the dose of the drug

42. This drug is a selective beta-1 agonist:
a) Digoxin
b) Dobutamine
c) Amrinone
d) Dopamine

43. All of the following statements regarding cardiac glycoside-induced ventricular tachyarrhythmias are true, EXCEPT:
a) Lidocaine is a drug of choice in treatment
b) Digibind should be used in life-threatening cases
c) They occur more frequently in patients with hyperkalemia than in those with hypokalemia
d) They are more likely to occur in patients with a severely damaged heart

44. Tolerance to this inotropic drug develops after a few days:
a) Amrinone
b) Amiodarone
c) Dobutamine
d) Adenosine

45. This drug inhibits breakdown of cAMP in vascular smooth muscle:
a) Digoxin
b) Dobutamine
c) Amrinone
d) Dopamine

46. This drug is useful for treating heart failure because it increases the inotropic state and reduces afterload:
a) Amiodarone
b) Amrinone
c) Propanolol
d) Enalapril

47. This drug acts by inhibiting type III cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase:
a) Amiodarone
b) Milrinone
c) Propanolol
d) Enalapril

48. All of the following statements regarding inhibitors of type III phosphodiesterase are true, EXCEPT:
a) They raise cAMP concentrations in cardiac myocytes
b) They reduce afterload
c) They show significant cross-tolerance with beta-receptor agonists
d) They are associated with a significant risk for cardiac arrhythmias

49. All of the following drugs are used in the treatment of severe congestive heart failure, EXCEPT:
a) Verapamil
b) Digoxin
c) Dobutamine
d) Dopamine

50. Drugs most commonly used in chronic heart failure are:
a) Cardiac glycosides
b) Diuretics
c) Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
d) All the above


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