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Pharmacology of ANS, PNS & Autacoids (Part:- 2) With Answers

51. Long acting β2 sympathomimetic :
a. Salmeterol
b. Orciprenaline
c. Penoterol
d. Pexbaterol

52. Neostigmine antagonizes nondepolarizing blockade by all of the following mechanisms, except :
a. Decreasing the breakdown of Acetylcholine at the motor end plate.
b. Preventing K efflux from the cell
c. Increasing the release of Acetylcholine at the motor end plate
d. Depolarization of the motor end plate

53. Which one of the following drugs does not produce central anticholinergic syndrome :
a. Atropine sulphate
b. Glycopyrrolate
c. Antihistaminucs
d. Tricyclic antidepressants

54. All of the following drugs are recommended for treatment of beta blocker induced excessive bradycardia and/or decrease in cardiac output,
except :
a. Dopamine
b. Dobutamine
c. Glucagon
d. Calcium chloride

55. Which one of the following is not an alpha adrenoceptor agonist ?
a. Clonidine
b. Methyldopa
c. Guanabenz
d. Guanfacine

56. All of the following drugs can induce Methemoglobinemia, EXCEPT :
a. Nitroglycerine
b. Procaine
c. Prilocaine
d. Phenytoin

57. Which one on the following statements is not true about NSAIDs ?
a. Acetyl salicylic acid is an irreversible inhibitor of COX enzyme
b. Salicylic acid reduces in vivo synthesis of prostaglandins
c. Duration of action of aspirin is primarily related to the pharmacokinetic clearance of the drug from the body
d. Antiplatelet effect of low-dose aspirin is related to presystemic COX inhibition

58. A 20 year old female weighing about 55kg is admitted to an emergency department having consumed 10g of paracetamol [acetaminophen], together with alcohol, 6 hours earlier. A Serum
paracetamol level is reported as 400 micrograms/ml. Which one of the following is correct in this case ?
a. Gastric lavage is mandatory
b. Administration of activated charcoal
c. Abnormalities of Kidney function are likely to be present.
d. Hepatotoxicity is likely to occur.

59. The H3 receptor agonist causes :
a. Inhibition of H1
receptor induced wakefulness
b. Increase in H1 mediated gastrin secretion
c. Inhibition of H1 mediated bronchoconstriction
d. Negative chronotropic effect on atria

60. The following is not true about the use of betablockers in heart failure :
a. It should be initiated at very low dose
b. It is most effective in new onset decompensated heart failure
c. Slow upward titration of dose is required
d. Carvedilol is most widely used in this condition

61. The following statement is not true about sotalol:
a. It is a nonselective beta-blocker
b. It prolongs action potential duration throughout the heart
c. It is excreted through bile following hepatic metabolism
d. It is low lipid soluble

62. A 60-year old hypertensive patient on Angiotensin II receptor antagonists [losartan] is posed for hernia repair surgery. The antihypertensive drug
should be :
a. Continued till the day of operation
b. Discontinued 24 hrs preoperatively
c. Discontinued one week preoperatively
d. Administered in an increased dosage on the day operation

63. Prostaglandins [PGs] have effects on a variety of tissues. The different prostaglandins may have different effects. Which of the following statement is not correct :
a. The human arteriolar smooth muscle is relaxed by PGE2 and PGI2, where as TXA2 and PGF2 Alpha cause vasoconstriction
b. PGE1 and PGE2 inhibit platelet aggregation, whereas TXA2 facilitate aggregation
c. PGE2 has marked oxytocic action while PGF2 Alpha has tocolytic action
d. PGE2 is bronhodilator whereas PGF2 alpha is a bronchoconstrictor

64. A 70-year-old man was administered penicillin intravenously. Within 5 minutes, he developed generalised urticaria, swelling of lips, hypotension and bronchospasm. The first choice of treatment is to administer :
a. Chlorpheniramine injection
b. Epinephrine injection
c. High dose hydrocortisone tablet
d. Nebulised salbutamol

65. All are true about β-blockers EXCEPT :
a. Atenolol is longer-acting than metoprolol
b. Labetalol has alpha and β blocking action
c. Carvedilol has α1 agonistic and selective β1 blocking action
d. Nadolol has longest half life

66. Which of the following drugs is used to reverse the effect of d – tubocurarin :
a. Atropine
b. Neostigmine
c. Physostigmine
d. Organophosphorus

67. Mechanism of action of epinephrine in cardiopulmonary resuscitation is :
a. Increase myocardial demand
b. Increase SA node activity
c. Peripheral vasoconstriction and directing blood flow to heart
d. Ratio of blood flow to epicardium and endocardium decreases

68. All of the following drugs are used in pheochromocytoma, except :
a. Prazosin
b. Metyrosine
c. Atenolol
d. Na nitroprusside

69. Thromboxane A2 synthetase inhibition is by :
a. Aspirin
b. Prednisolone
c. Dazoxiben
d. Naproxen

70. Mechanism of action of Aspirin in MI is :
a. Thromboxane A2
synthesis inhibition
b. Thromboxane A2 synthesis stimulation
c. Antagonist of adenosine
d. Stimulation of PGF2

71. ACE inhibitors are contraindicated in bilateral renal artery stenosis because :
a. Angiotensin II has direct effect on GFR
b. Enhances bradykinin action
c. Hyperreninism affects renal parenchyma
d. Affects prostaglandins

72. Mechanism of action of Latanoprost in glaucoma is :
a. Increase uveoscleral flow of aqueous
b. Trabecular absorption is increased
c. Decreases aqueous formation
d. Unknown

73. All are true regarding prazosin, except :
a. First dose effect
b. Impaired glucose tolerance
c. Selective alpha-1 blocker
d. Is an antihypertensive drug

74. Which is a selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor :
a. Ketorolac
b. Tolmetin
c. Nabumetone
d. Oxyprozin

75. Hyperlipidemia is caused by intake of :
a. Calcium channel blockers
b. β – blocker
c. Methyldopa
d. Reserpine

76. Which has maximum nicotinic effect :
a. Bethanechol
b. Carbachol
c. Pilocarpine
d. Methacoline

77. Local anaesthetic which does not cause vasodilation :
a. Lignocaine
b. Cocaine
c. Bupivacaine
d. Tetracaine

78. Most potent antiemetic used in preanaesthetics medication is :
a. Atropine
b. Hyoscine
c. Glycopyrrolate
d. Chlorpromazine

79. Suxamethonium causes :
a. Jaundice
b. Splenomegaly
c. Atrial fibrillation
d. Muscle fasciculation

80. Vecuronium acts on :
a. Cerebral cortex
b. Myoneural junction
c. Muscle fibres
d. Spinal cord

81. Gout is not caused by which of the following:
a. Chlorthalidone
b. Sulfinpyrazone
c. Aspirin
d. Pyrazipine

82. Vasodilators are :
a. NO
b. CO2
c. Minoxidil
d. ACE inhibitor

83. True about Prostacyclin :
a. Vasoconstriction
b. Aggrigation of platelet
c. Decrease BP
d. Synthesis from vascular endothelium

84. True about TXA2:
a. Synthesized by platelets
b. Prothrombotic
c. Formed by all cells of the body
d. Vasoconstriction
e. Increase permeability of vessel wall

85. β-blocker used in :
a. Portal hypertension
b. Alcohol withdrawal
c. Anxiety

86. Aspirin toxicity true are :
a. Tinitus early symptom
b. 10-30 gm causes poisoning
c. Hyperthermia, tachypnea early complications
d. Cause thrombocytopenic purpura

87. Esmolol true is/are :
a. α Blocker
b. Long 1/2 life
c. Not cardioselective
d. Used in LV decompensation
e. Cause bradycardia

88. Contraindication for use of β-blocker in heart failure includes :
a. Asthma
b. Heart block
c. Arrythmias
d. Hypertension
e. Decompensated LVF

89. Which of the following is paired incorrectly :
a. Hemicholinium – prevents release of Ach from storage
b. Botulinum – Increase the Ach release
c. Pralidoxime – Reactivates acetyl choline esterases
d. Vesamicol – Inhibits uptake of choline
e. Organophosphorus – acetylcholine esterase inhibitor

90. All of the following are used in beta blocker overdose except :
a. Atropine
b. Norepinephrine
c. Glucagon
d. Thyroxine
e. Propanolol

91. α2 agonist can be used in all of the following except:
a. Hypertension
b. Glaucoma
c. Opiate withdrawl
d. To potentiate anaesthetic drugs
e. Ischaemia

92. Which of the following is not a mixed α and β blocker :
a. Labetalol
b. Pindolol
c. Carvedilol
d. Levobunolol
e. Timolol

93. CNS effects of H2 receptor blockers :
a. Dizziness
b. Delirium
c. Insomnia
d. Hallucination
e. Headache

94. Allopurinol prevents conversion of :
a. Hypoxanthine to xanthine
b. Xanthine to hypoxanthine
c. Hypoxanthine to I.M.P
d. Xanthine to uric acid

95. Side effect of timolol maleate :
a. Hypertension
b. Asthma
c. Depression
d. Tachycardia
e. Hypotension

96. True about Carvedilol :
a. α 1 blocker
b. β 1 blocker
c. β 2 blocker
d. Antioxidant
e. Used in hypertension

97. Prophylaxis of migraine is/are :
a. Flunarizine
b. Cinarizine
c. β-blocker
d. Sodium valproate
e. Carbamazepine

98. True about Pseudocholinesterase :
a. Present in neuromuscular junction
b. Level is increased in pregnancy
c. Succinylcholine is metabolized
d. Organophosphates inhibit it

99. Recent antihistaminics in allergic rhinitis are :
a. Azelastine
b. Fexofenadine
c. Chlorpheniramine maleate
d. Desloratidine

100. β – blockers with intrinsic sympathomimetic properties are :
a. Propranolol
b. Oxprenolol
c. Practolol
d. Esmolol
e. Butoxamine


  • 51. a. Salmeterol
  • 52. b. Preventing …
  • 53. b. Glycopyrrolate
  • 54. a. Dopamine
  • 55. b. Methyldopa
  • 56. d. Phenytoin
  • 57. c. Duration of …
  • 58. d. Hepatotoxicity …
  • 59. b. Increase in H1
  • 60. b. It is most …
  • 61. c. It is excreted …
  • 62. a. Continued till …
  • 63. c. PGE2 has …
  • 64. b. Epinephrine …
  • 65. c. Carvedilol …
  • 66. b. Neostigmine
  • 67. b. Increase SA …
  • 68. c. Atenolol
  • 69. c. Dazoxiben
  • 70. a. Thromboxane …
  • 71. a. Angiotensin II …
  • 72. a. Increase …
  • 73. b. Impaired …
  • 74. c. Nabumetone
  • 75. b. β – blocker
  • 76. b. Carbachol
  • 77. b. Cocaine
  • 78. b. Hyoscine
  • 79. d. Muscle …
  • 80. b. Myoneural …
  • 81. b. Sulfinpyrazone
  • 82. a, b, c and d
  • 83. c and d
  • 84. a, b and d
  • 85. a, c and d
    86. a and b
  • 87. e. Cause …
  • 88. a, b and e
  • 89. a, b and d
  • 90. d and e
  • 91. e. Ischaemia
  • 92. b, d and e
  • 93. a, b, d and e
  • 94. a and d
  • 95. b, c and d
  • 96. a, b, c, d and e
  • 97. c and d
  • 98. c and d
  • 99. a, b and d
  • 100. b. Oxprenolol