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Piles || Hemorrhoid || What causes piles || Piles treatment || types of piles || Sign & symptoms and Instruction


Hemorrhoid or piles occurs in the dilated vein of the colon or rectum which is under the soft tissues. Swelling or swelling in the vein or group of veins in the anus area is called piles. In which sometimes bleeding occurs after passing stool.

There are three types of Hemorrhoid or Piles –

  1. Internal piles –  Internal piles are called those which are in the way of anus and are covered with skin.
  2. External piles – Occurs in the surrounding veins of thee anus.
  3. Combined piles – Internal and external piles are found in a person, in which combined piles are called.
Piles Piles || Hemorrhoid || What causes piles || Piles treatment || types of piles || Sign & symptoms and Instruction


* Hemorrhoid or piles is mostly caused by applying pressure while passing stool of people with constipation.

* The reason for this can also be obesity and pregnancy.

* Chronic Diarrhoea

* Doing to much sitting

* Low fiber diet

* Crohn’s disease

* Anal intercourse

* Lifting to much weight.

Signs & Symptoms

* Due to the pressure in the tissue, the vein gets diluted and becomes thick.

* Painless bleeding (visible with bright red colored blood stool).

* Discomfort (Restlessness, Pain).

* Prolapsed.

* Itching and heaviness.

* Sever pain at anus region.

* Difficulty in walking and sitting.


* Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day and take maximum fiber in food.

* Keep constipation away.

* Sit on such a chair or place that there is no pressure and tension in the hemorrhoid or piles.

* Sit comfortably and take bath with warm water.

* Keep the affected part moist, for this use a clean cloth or apply cream or Vaseline.

* Eat more and more cereal fiber.


– To Reduce Gas

 1. Cap Omee 20 (Omeprazole 20 mg) Before meal on an empty stomach.

 2. Cap Acera (Rabeprazole) Before meal on an empty stomach.

– To Reduce Constipation

3. Syp Looz (Lactulose Solution) 15 to 20 ml at bed time.

Apart From This, If There is Blood Loss

4. Cap Autrin (Cynocoblamin, Ferrous Fumarate and Folic Acid) 

5. Tab Venex 500 mg (Disomin 450mg and Hesperidin 50mg) This of two tablets in the morning, afternoon, evening for three days and after that 2 tablets in the morning, evening should be given for next three days and 1-1 tablet for next 15 days.

Warning:- Do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.