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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 13) with Answers


Q.51 Scillarin A on enzymatic hydrolysis gives

  1. a) Scillaridin
  2. b) Procillaridin A
  3. c) Procillaridin B
  4. d) Scillaridin B

Q.52 Argimone oil is used as adulturent of

  1. a) Mustard oil
  2. b) Castor oil
  3. c) Seasame oil
  4. d) Linseed oil

Q.53 Extract of flavanoid is treated with Mg and hydrochloric acid, it shows pink color in

  1. a) Killer Kill iani test
  2. b) Legal test
  3. c) Baljet test
  4. d) Shinoda test

Q.54 Clavenger’s apparatus is used for extraction of

  1. a) Glycosides
  2. b) Alkaloids
  3. c) Volatile oils
  4. d) Fixed oils

Q.55 Ethylene oxide is toxic, inflammable and it is dilute with…for sterilization process.

  1. a) CO
  2. b) CO2
  3. c) SO2
  4. d) O2

Q.56 Comfrey leaves is used as an adulterant to

  1. a) Senna leaves
  2. b) Coca leaves
  3. c) Belladonna leaves
  4. d) Digitalis leaves

Q.57 The starting codon is present at 5’end of m-RNA, it is formed by the nucleotides

  1. a) AGU
  2. b) UGA
  3. c) AUG
  4. d) GGU

Q.58 Transfer of fragments of DNA from one bacterium to another bacterium by means of bacteriophage is known as

  1. a) Transposition
  2. b) Transduction
  3. c) Translation
  4. d) Transversion

Q.59 The bark of Pausinystalia yohimbe is source of

  1. a) Reserpine
  2. b) Yohimbine
  3. c) Ergotamine
  4. d) Strychnine

Q.60 The word Auxin and Gibberellins are generally concerned with………

  1. a) Cell division
  2. b) Cell growth inhibitor
  3. c) Cell enlargement
  4. d) none

Q.61 May apple is synonym of

  1. a) Ergot
  2. b) Cinchona
  3. c) Papaver
  4. d) Podophyllum

Q.62 If tropane alkaloid is treated with fuming nitric acid then evaporated and residue is mixed in methanolic hydrochloride that gives violet color

  1. a) Thalloquin test
  2. b) Vital-Morin test
  3. c) Van Urk test
  4. d) Murexide test

Q.63 Biotransformation of Digitoxin to digoxin takes places by process
a) Ester hydrolysis
b) Ketone hydrolysis
c) Acyclic hydroxylation
d) Aromatic hydroxylation

Q.64 According to chemical abstract system, penicillin is named as

  1. a) 4-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.2.0] heptane
  2. b) 3-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.2.0] heptane
  3. c) 5-thia-1-azabicyclo [4.2.0] oct-2-ene
  4. d) 4-thia-1-azabicyclo[4.2.0] heptane

Q.65 Chemical name of Clarithromycin is

  1. a) 6-ethyl ether of erythromycin
  2. b) 6-methyl ether of erythromycin
  3. c) 6-methyl ester of erythromycin
  4. d) 6-propyl ether of erythromycin

Q.66 Apomorphine is classified as :

  1. a) Orphan drug
  2. b) Antihistaminic
  3. c) Analgesic
  4. d) Antipyretic

Q.67 starting material for the synthesis of Frusemide (furosemide) is

Q.68 4-Hydroxypropiophenone is starting material for synthesis of

  1. a) Diethylstilbesterol
  2. b) Ethinyl estradiol
  3. c) Dienoesterol
  4. d) Clomiphene

Q.69 Mechanism of action of Ganciclovir is

  1. a) Inhibits viral RNA polymerase
  2. b) Inhibits viral DNA polymerase
  3. c) Inhibits reverse transcriptase
  4. d) Inhibits viral Protease

Q.70 Therapeutic Index is defined as

  1. a) LD50/ED50
  2. b) LD50/ED100
  3. c) LD100/ED50
  4. d) LD100/ED100

Q.71 Ipratropium used in bronchial asthma is under class.

  1. a) Primary amine
  2. b) Secondary amine
  3. c) Tertiary amine
  4. d) Quaternary ammonium

Q.72 Urokinase, streptokinase is associated with adverse effect

  1. a) Urticaria
  2. b) nausea
  3. c) Vomiting
  4. d) Internal and superficial bleeding of GI

Q.73 Mercury pool in polarographic instrument is referred as ………..electrode

  1. a) Indicator electrode
  2. b) Reference electrode
  3. c) Auxillary electrode
  4. d) none

Q.74 Specefic conductivity/observed conductivity is known as

  1. a) Resistance
  2. b) Specific resistance
  3. c) Cell constant
  4. d) none of these

Q.75 In potentiometric titration the end point is determined when

  1. a) Change in potential is maximum
  2. b) Change in current is maximum
  3. c) Change in color is observed
  4. d) Change in potential is minimum

Q.76 The angle between incident ray and normal dividing the surface is called

  1. a) Angle of incidence
  2. b) Angle of refraction
  3. c) Angle of repose
  4. d) None

Q.77 The total number of particles dissolved in one kilogram of water is known as

  1. a) Molality
  2. b) Molarity
  3. c) Osmolality
  4. d) Normality

Q.78 Hydrogen discharge tube is routinely used as source of light in

  1. a) UV spectroscopy
  2. b) Visible Spectroscopy
  3. c) IR spectroscopy
  4. d) Flourescence

Q.79 Photoluminescence is occurred in molecule

  1. a) due to specified electron emission
  2. b) due to specified proton emission
  3. c) due to specified photon emission
  4. d) due to specified neutron emission

Q.80 The relative peak area in doublet ’NMR’ should be

  • a) 1 : 1
  • b) 1 : 2
  • c) 1 : 3
  • d) 1 : 4

Q.81 The source of radiation used in IR spectroscopy

  1. a) Silicon carbide rode
  2. b) Sodium lamp
  3. c) Deuterium
  4. d) Tungsten lamp

Q.82 Ball mill acts on attrition and impact principle and is used for

  1. a) Fibrous material
  2. b) Abrasive material
  3. c) Sticky material
  4. d) Friable material

Q.83If the λmax of benzaldehyde is 250 nm then the λmax for p-chlorobenzaldehyde will be

  1. a) 265 nm
  2. b) 260 nm
  3. c) 275 nm
  4. d) 250 nm

Q.84 Minoxidil is oxidized to

  1. a) 4-hydroxy minoxidil
  2. b) 4-oxy minoxidil
  3. c) 4-acetoxy minoxidil
  4. d) minoxidil oxide

Q.85 Chemical class of naturally occurring enkephalins, endorphins.

  1. a) Fats
  2. b) Peptides
  3. c) Oils
  4. d) Vitamins

Q.86 Small gram negative cocci, occurs in pairs with adjacent sides flattened and none motile is morphology of genus

  1. a) Streptococcus
  2. b) Staphylococcus
  3. c) Lactobacillus
  4. d) Nesseria

Q.87 Diabetics like condition is produced in animal by injecting

  1. a) Alloxan
  2. b) Streptozocin
  3. c) both a & b
  4. d) none of these

Q.88 Bile pigment adsorbed on ppt barium sulphate is reacted with Fouchet’s reagent and it gives…….color.

  1. a) Pink
  2. b) Green
  3. c) White
  4. d) Black

Q.89 Which group is present in the side chain of Serine?

  1. a) Hydroxyl
  2. b) Mercapto
  3. c) Amino
  4. d) Carboxyl

Q.90 Niemann-Pick disease is related with enzyme deficiency……………..

  1. a) Hexokinase
  2. b) glucosidase
  3. c) Sphingomylinase
  4. d) Galactase

Q.91 License of Schedule ‘X’ drugs for retail sale is given in

  1. a) Form 20A
  2. b) Form 20B
  3. c) Form 20F
  4. d) Form 20G

Q.92 N-methyl-N-propynyl benzylamine is chemical name of

  1. a) Pargyline
  2. b) Phenelzine
  3. c) tranylcypromine
  4. d) Iproniazid

Q.93 When diphenyl acetonitrile is condensed with 2-chloro-1-dimethyl aminopropane in the presence of sodamide results in

  1. a) Meperidine
  2. b) Methadone
  3. c) Dextroprofoxiphene
  4. d) Benzhydrol

Q.94 Chemically heparin is

  1. a) Lipopolysachharide
  2. b) Glycoprotein
  3. c) Mucopolysachharide
  4. d) Polypeptide

Q.95 Benzothiazine heterocyclic ring system is present in one of the following drugs

  1. a) Piroxicam
  2. b) Chlorthiazide
  3. c) Diazoxide
  4. d) Molindone

Q.96 Which of the following drugs increasing the activity of hepatic enzyme?

  1. a) Barbiturates
  2. b) Phenytoin
  3. c) Cabamazapine
  4. d) all of these

Q.97 Which drug will increase serum concentration of theophyllline?

  1. a) Phenytoin
  2. b) Erythromycin
  3. c) Rifampicin
  4. d) none of these

Q.98 What is the chemical class of Fusidic acid

  1. a) Tetracyclic trieterpene
  2. b) Glycopeptide
  3. c) Cyclic dipeptide
  4. d) macrolide

Q.99 What band will be assigned to –C-Cl group in IR spectra

  1. a) 1667 – 1640 cm-1
  2. b) 1740 – 1720 cm-1
  3. c) 900 – 675 cm-1
  4. d) 1050 – 1100 cm-1

Q.100 What is the name of drug in the given structure?

  1. a) Daunorubicin
  2. b) Doxorubicin
  3. c) Dactinomycin
  4. d) Mitoxantrane


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