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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 2) with Answers


51. Swelling index is defined as the volume in
A. Millilitres occupied by 1 g of a drug
B. Millilitres occupied by 1 mg of a drug
C. Millilitres occupied by 10 g of a drug
D. Millimetres occupied by 1 g of a drug

52. Murexide test is used for detection of
A. Tropane alkaloids
B. Quinoline alkaloids
C. Pyridine alkaloids
D. Purine alkaloids

53. Family for tea plant is
A. Rubiaceae
B. Apocyanaceae
C. Malvaceae
D. Theaceae

54. Determination of swelling index is used for
A. Opium
B. Isbagul
C. Senna
D. Digitalis

55. Lyophilization means
a. Sterilization
b. Freeze-drying
c. Burning to ashes
d. Exposure to formation

56. The term that is used for the bacteria Which can withstand pasteurization but Does not grow at higher temperatures
a. Thermophiles
b. Extreme thermophiles
c. Thermoduric
d. Facultative thermophiles

57. Ergot disease is caused by
a. Puccinia
b. Rhizopus
c. Claveceps
d. Penicillium

58. Nagler reaction detects
a. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
b. Clostridium tetani
c. Clostridium perfringens
d. Clostridium botulinum

59. Nitrites are oxidized to nitrates by a Microorganism
a. Nitrosomonas
b. Nitrosococcus
c. Nitrobacter
d. Azatobacter

60. The main product of glycolysis under Aerobic conditions is
a. Pyruvate
b. Lactate
c. None of these
d. Both a and b

61. Drug resistance in bacteria is mainly Determined by factor:
a. F
b. R
c. Col
d. Lysogenic factor

62. Which of the following is an example of RNA virus?
a. SV 40
b. T4 phage
c. Tobacco mosaic virus
d. Adeno virus

63. Prausnitz kustner reaction generated by

  1. a. IgA
  2. b. IgE
  3. c. IgG
  4. d. IgD

64. Natural killer cells
a. Belongs to B-cell lineage
b. Belongs to T-cell lineage
c. Display cytotoxic effect on tumour cell
d. Require previous antigen exposure for Activation

65. Food poisoning is caused by
a. Clostridum tetani
B. Clostridum Welchi
c. Diptheria
d. Clostridium botulinum

66. Carcinoma refers to
a. Malignant tumours of the connective tissue
b. Malignant tumors of the skin or mucous Membrane
c. Malignant tumours of the colon
d. Malignant tumors of the connective tissue

67. The general formula of carbohydrate is
a. (CH2O.n
b. (C4H2O.n
c. (C6H2O.n
d. (C2H2O.n COOH

68. Chitin consists of
a. N-acetyl muramic acid
b. N-acetyl glucosamine
c. D-glucose unit’s
d. N-acetyl muramic acid & N-acetyl glucosamine

69. Amylopectin has
a. β-1-4 and β-1-6 linkage
b. β-1-2 linkage
c. α-1-4 and α-1-6 linkage
d. α-1-2 linkage

70. α-helix has
a. 3.4 amino acid residues/turn
b. 3.6 amino acid residues/turn
c. 3.8 amino acid residues/turn
d. 3.0 amino acid residues/turn

71. A dipeptide has
a. 2 amino acids and 3 peptide bonds
b. 2 amino acids and 2 peptide bonds
c. 3 amino acids and 3 peptide bonds
d. 2 amino acids and 4 peptide bonds

72. Which one of the following amino acids has a higher propensity for cis peptide bond formation?
A. Histidine
B. Cysteine
C. Glycine
D. Proline

73. Myoglobin is an
a. protein with primary structure
b. protein with secondary structure
c. protein with tertiary structure
d. protein with quaternery structure

74. Which one of the following amino acid residues is specifically recognised by chymotrypsin during peptide bond cleavage?
A. Phe
B. Leu
C. Val
D. Asp

75. The major protein responsible for the storage of iron
a. Ferredoxin
b. ferretin
c. Hemosiderine
d. Transferine

76. Left handed DNA
a. A-DNA
b. B-DNA
c. Z-DNA
d. C-DNA

77. The Given reaction is an example for which of the following?
CH3O- Na+ + CH3Cl – CH3 – O – CH3 + NaCl
a. Williamson reaction
b. Clemmenson reaction
c. Wuotz’s reaction
d. Reformatsky reaction

78. What is the principle involved in the VDRL test?
a. Agglutination
b. Precipitation
c. Flocculation
d. Opsonisation

79. LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate. is
A. In vitro test for detecting pyrogenic endotoxins
B. In vivo test for detecting pyrogenic endotoxins
C. In vitro test for detecting pyrogenic exotoxins
D. In vivo test for detecting pyrogenic exotoxins

80. Calculate the amount of 95 % alcohol required to prepare 400 ml of 45 % alcohol?

  1. A. 190 ml
  2. b. 844 ml
  3. C. 240 ml
  4. d. 120 ml

81. Which of the following medium is used for differentiation of lactose and Non – lactose fermentors?
a. Mac Conkey’s medium
b. Stuart medium
c. Sugar medium
d. Citrate medium

82. Which of the following semipermeable membrane used in haemodialysis?
a. Cellophane
b. Cellulose acetate
c. Polyethene
d. Polyvinyl acetate

83. Iron content of gelatine used for the preparation of soft capsule not be more than
A. 15 ppm
B. 20 ppm
C. 25 ppm
D. 30 ppm

84. X-rays generally interact with
A. Nucleus
B. Valence electron
C. Inner most electrons
D. Covalent bond

85. Gonimeter is a component of?
A. UV-Visible spectroscopy
B. IR spectroscopy
C. Mass spectroscopy
D. None of these

86. Size of the sample to be injected in GC with normal column is
A. 0.02 microliter
B. 1 to 10 microliter
C. 1 to 10 ml
D. 0.2 microliter

87. Kovat’s retention index is used to characterise?
A. Analyte
B. Solvent
C. Liquid stationary phase
D. Column

Answer:- A and C

88. Which of the following group is detected by using Herzig Meyer method?
a. Alkyl group
b. Hydroxy group
c. Alkoxy group
d. N-alkyl group

89. In GC, sample is injected using
A. Rheodyne injector
B. Micro syringe
C. Flow injection
D. None of these

90. Metastable peaks are always present at
a. Even mass numbers
b. Integral mass numbers
c. Odd mass
d. Non-integral mass

91. In HPLC, which pump gives a mobile phase flow rate dependent on column permeability?
a. Constant pressure pumps
b. Constant displacement pumps
c. Reciprocating pumps
d. Pneumatic pumps

92. Which one is used as Cuticle Remover?
a. Nitrocellulose
b. Mineral oil
c. Trisodium phosphate
d. Acetoglyceride

93. Use of infusion of Tulsi leaves?
a. Insecticidal
b. Spasmolytic
c. Stomachic
d. Stimulant

94. Which of the following is the active metabolite of Quinidine?
A. 3-Hydroxy quinidine
B. 3-hydroxy quinine
C. 2-Hydroxy quinidine
D. 2-hydroxy quinine

95. Which of the following amino acids contains imidazole ring?
a. Histidine
b. Asparagine
c. Tryptophan
d. Proline

96. Which of the following is not an example for synthetic hair dye?
a. Para toluene diamine
B. p-phenylenediamine
c. Sulpho-ortho-amino phenol
d. Lead acetate with precipitated sulphur

97. Which of the following drying method under controlled conditions results in changes in chemical composition?
a. Processing
b. Mulching
c. Curing
d. Fermentation

98. Polarogram of a solution containing an electro-reducible substance is obtained by plotting?
a. Potential Vs Volume
b. Current Vs Volume
c. Resistance Vs Time
d. Current Vs Potential

99. Which of the following is the IUPAC name for Progesterone?
a. Pregn-2-ene-3, 20-dione
b. Pregn-4, 6-dien-3, 20-Dione
c. Pregn-2, 6-diene-3, 20-Dione
d. Pregn-4-ene-3, 20-dione

100. Which of the following is an example for Thermal Conductivity Detector?
a. Flame Thermocouple Detector
b. Flame Thermionic Detector
c. Katharometer
d. Flame Ionization Detector