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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 3) with Answers


1. The best medium for production of penicillin is
A. Nutrient Agar
B. Corn steep liquor
C. Sulfite waste liquor
D. Whey

2. In streptococcus fecalis where the conjugation takes place
A. pilli
B. cell membrane
C. cell wall
D. flagella

3. In Gm+ve and Gm-ve bacteria electron transport contain
A. Naphthquinone
B. Plastoquinone
C. Ubiquinone
D. Both a and b

4. The genetic material in HIV is
A. ds DNA
B. ss DNA
C. s DNA
D. none

5. Which one of the following act on replicating DNA
A. Ethidium bromide
B. Nitrosogeranidine
C. Acridine orange
D. None of above

6. Chloramphenicol comes under Schedule
A. G
B. H
C. W
D. P

7. Section-14 of factories act states that:
A. Effective measures should be taken by employers to keep workroom free from dust and flame
B. A factory must be fenced by safeguard and substantial construction
C. Adequate arrangement should be made for running canteens and dispensary for employees
D. Aseptic environment should be maintained around the manufacture process.

8. Names from the register can be removed by only by an order of the:
B. Register tribunal
C. Executive committee of PCI
D. Director of health service

9. Establishments which have a qualified person and engage in compounding of drug is:
A. Drug store
B. Chemist and druggist
C. Pharmacy
D. Testing laboratories

10. Drugs for examination, test or analysis can be imported under license in form
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13

11. List of diseases that a drug should not claim to cure is given in schedule
A. L
B. J
C. C
D. H

12. All shops and establishment are required to register with
A. Central Government
B. Municipality
C. Commissioner
D. Chief inspector

13. List of minimum equipment necessary for running of pharmacy is given in schedule
A. M B. N
C. Q D. R

14. Life period of drug is dealt in
A. Q B. S
C. P D. T

15. The poison act passed in the year,
A. 1857
B. 1919
C. 1948
D. 1971

16. All Are Essential Amino Acid EXCEPT?
A. Valine
B. Histidine
C. Arginine
D. Alanine

17. Vasodilating compound is produced by decarboxylation of amino acid
A. Arginine
B. Aspartic acid
C. Glutamine
D. Histidine

18. Te enzyme which can add water to C=C or remove water to create a double bond without breaking of double bond is
A. Hydratase
B. Hydroxylase
C. Hydrolase
D. Esterase

19. The vitamin required for synthesis of hydroxyproline is
A. Vit-A
B. Vit-D
C. Vit-C
D. Vit-K

20. During synthesis for porphyrins, synthesis of δ-aminolevulinic acid occurs in?
A. cytosol
B. Both a and b
C. Ribosomes
D. mitochondria

21. In serum product of Ca XP (in mg/100ml) in children is normally
A. 20
B. 30
C. 50
D. 60

22. Excess intake of cobalt for longer time leads to
A. Polycythemia
B. Megaloblastic anaemia
C. Pernicious anaemia
D. Microcytic anaemia

23. The transketolase enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway requires
A. Penthothenic acid
B. Thiamine
C. Riboflavin
D. Nicotinic acid

24. In biosynthesis of cholesterol, the step which controls rate and locus of metabolic regulation is
B. Squalenelanosterol
C. HMG CO-Amevalonate
D. Lanosterol 14-desmethyl lanosterol

25. Conversion of deoxyuridine monophosphate to thymidine monophosphate is catalysed by enzyme
A. ribonucleoside reductase
B. thymidylate synthtase
C. CTP synthetase
D. Orotidylic acid decarboxylase

26. Oil of chenopodium is useful in
A. Hook worm disease
B. Diarrhea
C. Cogh
D. Malaria

27. Salicin is alcoholic glycoside obtained from
A. Vanilla planifolia
B. Salix discolor
C. Salix purpurea
D. Prunes serotina

28. Wild cherry, oak, hammelis are the crude drugs which contain,
A. Gallitannins
B. Catechol tannins
C. Pseudotannins
D. Ellagitannins

29. Flax seed is synonym for
A. Cotton seed
B. Castor seed
C. Linseed
D. Rape seed

30. Color of oil is removed by heating it with
A. Kaolin
B. Silica gel
C. Fuller’s earth
D. Aluminium oxide

31. Dragondroff’s reagent is prepared from:
A. Na nitoprusside and iodine
B. Saturated picric acid solution
C. Saturated gelatin solutions.
D. KI and Bi nitrate

32. Kaolin mainly consist of
A. Magnesium silicate
B. Aluminium silicate
C. Magnesium phosphate
D. Aluminium phosphate

33. Which form of methanol occurs naturally?
A. + form
B. ± form
C. – form
D. Meso form

34. Hyosciamine is generally used as
A. hyosciamine HCl
B. hyosciamine HBr
C. hyosciamine HI
D. All abovve

35. Shark liver oil contains:
A. Vit A
B. Vit B
C. Vit C
D. Vit D

36. The rate of movement of component R in column chromatography is given by,
A. R = αAs /Am + aAs
B. R = Am /Am + αAs
C. R = As /Am + As
D. R = Am / αAs

37. In isocratic elution technique, the ratio of petroleum ether and benzene should be in
A. 1:2
B. 1:1
C. 2:1
D. 2:2

38. At ground state, the energy of a molecule is the sum of ________energy
A. Rotational + Vibrational
B. Vibrational + Electronic
C. Electronic + Rotational
D. All the three

39. Flame photometry, fluorimetry are examples for
A. Emission spectroscopy
B. Absorption spectroscopy
C. Molecular spectroscopy
D. None of above

40. The wavelength in colorimetry ranges from
A. 400-800 nm
B. 200-400 nm
C. 800-1200 nm
D. 1200-1500 nm

41. In spectrometers, the wavelength accuracy is given as,
A. ± 0.01 nm
B. ± 10 nm
C. ± 1 nm
D. ± 0.1 nm

42. The E1cm 1% for paracetamol at 257nm
A. 835
B. 785
C. 715
D. 945

43. Digitoxin analyzed by using which reagent
A. Methanol
B. Alkaline picric acid
C. Ferric chloride
D. Phenyl hydrazine

44. Hydrogen discharge lamp consist of
A. Hydrogen under pressure
B. Deuterium
C. Xenon
D. Mercury vapour

45. Absorbance and transmittance are
A. Directly proportional
B. Inversely proportional
C. Linearly proportional
D. Not related

46. Which one of this is not correct for levamisole?
A. Can delay the hypersensitivity and T-cell mediated immunity
B. Used in Hodgkin’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis
C. Adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
D. Used as an immuno suppressive agent

47. Plasmodial is resistant to chloroquine becase
A. Increase in RNA polymerase
B. Decreased drug uptake
C. Bypass of DNA metabolism
D. Inhibition of oval formation

48. The anthelmintic drug acting by producing flaccid paralysis of worm
A. Stilbophen
B. Mebendazole
C. Diethyl carbamazine
D. Piperazine

49. the most potent intracellular antikochs drug is
A. Rifampacin
B. Nystatin
C. Ethambutol
D. Polymyxin

50. Toxicities of H2 antihistamines includes which one of following
A. Diarrhea
B. P450 inibition
C. Blurred vision
D. Orthostatic hypotension


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