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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 4) with Answers


51. A 17 year old patient complains that he get severe shortens of breath whenever takes aspirin for headache. Increased level of which one of responsible for some cases of aspirin hypersensitivity?
A. Misoprostol
B. Ibuprofen
C. Leucotriene C4
D. Alprastadil

52. The local anaesthetics having amide linkage differ from those having ester linkage in that the amide linked LAs.
A. Are not surface anaestetics
B. Have a shorter duration of action
C. Are degraded in the plasma.
D. Do not show cross sensitivity with ester linked local anaesthetics.

53. In trigeminal neuroglia which of the following is used
A. Imipramine
B. Phenytoin
C. Carbamazepine
D. Sodium valproate

54. Digitalis increased in RP of myocardial fibers is most consistent and pronounced in the
A. A.V. node
B. Atria
C. Ventricles
D. Bundle of his

55. The diatery requirement of vit-B12 by an adult is
A. 1-3 μg
B. 0.1-0.3 μg
C. 10-30 μg
D. 5-10 μg

56. Dissolution is affected by
A. Surface area
B. Temperature
C. Viscosity
D. All above

57. The first U.S.P was published in
A. English and Spanish
B. English and Latin
C. English and French
D. French and Latin

58. Shrinkage of gel by extrusion of liquid is called
A. Syneresis
B. Dilatancy
C. Plasticity
D. Ebullition

59. As per G.M.P. permitted limit of solid content in water for injection is
A. 0.1 ppm
B. 1.0 ppm
C. 10 ppm
D. 100 ppm

60. In extemporaneous preparation of a suspension, levigation is used to,
A. Reduced viscosity
B. Reduced zeta potential
C. Reduce particle size
D. Avoid bacterial growth

61. Bancroft rule is related with
A. Solutions
B. Suspensions
C. Emulsions
D. Suppositories

62. How to calculate total V.P of the system?
A. C = Ca + Cb
B. P = Pa + Pb
C. P = Pa + Pb (Pc)
D. P = Pa – Pb

63. Particle size of colloidal sol. dispersion?
A. 1x 10-9 to 1x 10-4 mm
B. 1x 10-7 to 1x 10-5 mm
C. 1x 10-4 to 1x 10-1 mm
D. 1x 10-6 to 1x 10-3 mm

64. Which formula is used to calculate children’s dose of 2 years old
A. Fried’s formula
B. Bastedo’s formula
C. Clark’s formula
D. Dilling’s formula

65. The vehicle used in progesterone injection B.P is
A. Fixed oil
B. Lard
C. Glycerine
D. None of above

66. Pyrimethacine is derivative of
A. Pyridine B. Pyrimidine
C. Acridine D. None of above

67. Tolazoline is derivative of
A. 4, 5-diydroimidazole
B. 2-imidazolidinedione
C. 5-imidazole
D. Pyrazolidinedione

68. The aromatic nucleus present in Naproxen
A. Benzene
B. Napthalene
C. Anthracene
D. Pyridine

69. Pentetrazol contains,
A. 4 membered ring
B. 4 double bonds
C. Azepine nucleus
D. Diazepine nucleus

70. Van Braun’s method for opening of tetracyclic amines involves treatment of compound with

71. Which of the following is Grignard reagent?
A. AlCl3
B. CuCl2
D. CH3MgBr

72. The factors affecting diffusion current in polarography can be given by which of following,
A. Nernst equation
B. Mark-Houwink equation
C. Lamberts law
D. Ilkovic equation

73. Thiotepa, a cytotoxic agent, is assay by titrating with
A. HCl
B. HClO4
C. Na2S2O3
D. KMnO4

74. IUPAC name of Pethidine is,
A. RS-dimethyl [1-phenyl-3-(phenothiazin-10-yl) propyl] amine
B. Ethyl-1-methyl-4-phenyl-piperidine-carboxylate
C. RS-1-isopropylamino-3-(1-nephthyloxy)-propon-2-ol
D. Propyl-4-carbamoylmethoxy-3-methoxy-phenyl acetate

75. Reserpine on hydrolysis gives
A. Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxycinnamic acid
B. Reserpic acid + Acetic acid + Trimethoxybenzaldehyde
C. Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxybenzoic acid
D. Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxycinnamaldehyde

76. Which of the following anti-arrhythmic drug is having Iodine?
A. Disopyramide
B. Flecainide
C. Amiodarone
D. Quinidine

77. Adult dose of a drug is 150 mg/kg and the drug is available as tablets of 2 mg strength. Calculate the dosed required for a boy of age 14 yrs and weight of 35 kg?
A. 74.9 mg
B. 78 mg
C. 82 mg
D. 80 mg

78. Which of the following method is used to measure respiratory efficiency of cells in cell culture?
A. Fluroscein Diacetate Method
B. Reduction of Tetrazolium Salts
C. Evan’s Blue Method
D. Calcofluor White Method

79. Which of the following Dopaminergic agonist used in the treatment of Parkinsonism?
A. Levodopa
B. Carbidopa
C. Mirtazapine
D. Ropinirole

80. Prazocine is a derivative of which of the following?
A. Quinazoline
B. Phthalazine
C. Quinoline
D. Isoquinoline

81 Which of the following is a prototype of Sedative?
A. Chloral Hydrate
B. Chloral
C. Chloroquine
D. Chlorpheniramie

82. Which of the following amino acid is present in Captopril?
A. Glycine
B. Cysteine
C. Proline
D. Para Amino Benzoic Acid

83. Which of the following is the biosynthetic origin for an amino alkaloid Ephedrine?
A. Phenyl alanine and Ornithine
B. Phenyl alanine and Pyruvic acid
C. Histidine and Threonine
D. Tyrosine and Dihydroxy phenyl alanine

84. Metastable peaks are always present at
A. Even Mass Numbers
B. Integral Mass Numbers
C. Odd Mass
D.Non-Integral Mass

85. Calculate the amount of sodium chloride required to make 1.5 % solution of pilocarpine HCl isotonic with tear secretion? (Freezing Point Depression of 1 % Pilocarpine HCl is – 12C And That of Sodium Chloride is – 0.576C).
A. 0.564 % w/v
B. 0.712 % w/v
C. 0.224 % w/v
D. 0.693 % w/v

86. What is the % of ionisation of a drug with pKa 5 at pH 8?
A. 99.9 %
B. 99.99 %
C. 90 %
D. 99 %

87. Which of the following antihypertensive drug used in the treatment of alopecia?
A. Minoxidil
B. Diazoxide
C. Reserpine
D. Hydralazine

88. The use of infusion of Tulsi leaves?
A. Insecticidal
B. Spasmolytic
C. Stomachic
D. Stimulant

89. Which of the following drug is aldehyde Dehydrogenase inhibitor?
A. Sedative
B. Hypnotic
C. Disulfiram
D. Methyl Alcohol

90. Which of the following method is suitable for the sterilization of bone and tissue transplants?
A. Ionizing Radiation
B. Gaseous Sterilization
C. Dry Heat Sterilization
D. Moist Heat Sterilization

91. The Allergic reaction caused by tetracycline is
A. Decrease in B.P.
B. Dermatitis
C. Urticaria
D. Leucopenia

92. Which of the following is not an example for synthetic hair dye?
a. Para toluene diamine
b. Para-phenylenediamine
c. Sulpho-ortho-amino phenol
d. Lead acetate with precipitated sulphur

93. Which of the following is the starting material for the biosynthesis of l Hyoscyamine?
A. Tyrosine
B. Alanine
C. Valine
D. Phenyl Alanine

94. How much sodium chloride is required to render 100 ml of a 1 % solution of apomorphine hydrochloride isotonic with blood serum? (Freezing point depression of 1 % solution of drug is – 0.08C and that of sodium chloride is – 0.58C).
A. 0.76 %
B. 0.89 %
C. 0.96 %
D. 1.86 %

95. Which of the following antibiotics acts by damaging cytoplasmic membrane?
A. Nevirapine
B. Quinolones
C. Colistin
D. Vancomycin

96. Drug of choice in ringworm infections?
A. Albendazole
B. Clotrimaxazole
C. Nystatin
D. Gresiofulvin

97. DPT is an example for
A. Active Acquired Immunity
B. Passive Acquired Immunity
C. Active Innate Immunity
D. Natural Acquired Immunity

98. Which of the following antidote antagonize the peripheral action of Organophosphorus compounds?
a. Atropine
b. Aspirin
c. Charcoal
d. Caffeine

99. Which one is the synthetic membrane?
A. Cetyl Alcohol
B. Cholesterol
C. Myricyl Alcohol
D. N – Octanol

100. Calculate bulk density of paracetamol granules having a true density of 1.8 and % porosity of 60?
A. 1.098
B. 1.08
C. 0.72
D. 1.79