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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 6) with Answers


1. In the mixing of Thymol and menthol the following type of incompatibility occurs
(A) Chemical incompatibility
(B) Therapeutic incompatibility
(C) Physical incompatibility
(D) Tolerance incompatibility

2. A positive Benedict’s test is not given by
(A) Sucrose
(B) Lactose
(C) Maltose
(D) Glucose

3. Which drug is popularly known as Hit and Run Drug?

4. The applicability of Noyes-Whitney equation is to describe
(A) First order kinetics
(B) Zero order kinetics
(C) Mixed order kinetics
(D)Dissolution rate

5. Cancer causing gene is
A) Proto-oncogene
B) Oncogene
C) Mutable gene
D) Transposon

6. In the TCA cycle, at which of the following enzyme-catalyzed steps, incorporation of elements of water into an intermediate of the cycle takes place :
(A) Citrate synthase
(B) Aconitase
(C) Maleate dehydrogenase
(D) Succinyl Co-A synthase

7. Osazones are not formed with the
(A) Glucose
(B) Fructose
(C) Sucrose
(D) Lactose

8. Drove’s test used for
(A)Suspending agent
(C) Surfactant
(B) Wetting agent
(D) Disintegrant

9. Which is not a second messenger?
A. Amp
b. Guanylcyclase
c. Dag
d. Ip3

10. In human being XX – genotype is
A) always female
B) can be male or female
C) always male
D) commonly female with 5 per lakh being male

11. Circular stomata is seen in
a. Gloriosa
b. Colchicine
c. Digitalis
d. Buchu

12. A carbohydrate, known commonly as invert sugar, is
(A) Fructose
(B) Sucrose
(C) Glucose
(D) Lactose

13. A positive Seliwanoff’s test is obtained with
(A) Glucose
(B) Fructose
(C) Lactose
(D) Maltose

14. which is following is not a reversible phenomenon? transition

15. A carbohydrate, commonly known asdextrose is
(A) Dextrin
(B) D-Fructose
(C) D-Glucose
(D) Glycogen

16. Treatment with alloxan destroys
A) STH cells
B) ß – cells of islets of langerhans
C) Cells of sertoli
D) Cells of leydig

17. Which one of the followingis used in therapy ofToxoplasmosis?
a. Artensunate
b. Thiacetazone
c. Ciprofloxacin
d. Pyrimethamine

18. Chloroguanide is
a) A prodrug
b) metabolited to cycloguanil
c) Biguanide
d) all of these

19. Following is used in Hodgkin’sdisease

20. Hetrocycle present in pilocarpine is
a) Imidazole
b) Pyrimidine
c) Indole
d) Purine

21. In recent years DNA sequences mt-DNA & Y-chromosome were considered for study of human evolution because
A) Their structure is know in greater detail
B) They are unipaternal& don’t undergo recombination
C) They are small & easy to study
D) They can be studied from samples of fossil remains

22. DNA is associated with basic protein
A) Albumin
B) Actin
C) Histone
D) Globulin

23. Which Antibiotic show D-Threo isomer
a) Tetracycline
b) Aminoglycoside

24. Resting Cell Potential is
A)30-80 mV
C)0 to -10 mV
B) -30 to -80 mV
D)10-100 Mv

25. A small baby have pneumonia & fever so to avoid toxicity which NSAID is nt given.

26. What does lack refer to in lac operon
A) Lac insect
B) 1,00,000
C) Lactase
D) Lactose

27. Temoxifen is
A. Only estrogen antagonist
B. Estrogen antagonist to breastand agonist to Uterus and bone
C. Estrogen agonist to breastand antagonist to Uterus andbone
D. Only estrogen agonist

28. Following ergot alkaloids is employed in T/T of Migraine.
a) Ergometrine
b) Ergotamine
c) Ergocristine
d) Ergocryptine

29. Reserpine hydrolysis yields
a) Methyl reserpate, trimethoxy benzoic acid
b) Methyl reserpate, trimethyl benzoic acid
b) Methyl reserpate, trimethxycinnamic acid
c) Methyl reserpate, trimethylcinnamic acid

30. One of the following is water-soluble ergot alkaloid
a) Ergometrine
b) Ergotamine
c) Ergocristine
d) Ergocryptine

31. Truxilline acid on hydrolysis yields
a) Ecogonine +Methanol + Benzoic acid
b) Ecogonine + Methanol + Cinnamic acid
c) Ecogonine + Methanol + -Truxillic acid
d) Ecogonine + Methanol + Tropic acid

32. Which of the following cephalosporin has disulfiram like effect? (N)
(a) cefixime (b) cefaperazone
(c) cefuroxime (d) cefamandole

33. Colchicines is derived from
a) Lysine
b) Phenyl alanine
c) Dihydroxyphenylamine
d) Pyrosine

34. Paparerine is derived from,
a) Lysine
b) Ornithine
c) Tyrosine
d) Phenylalanine

35. Which of the following is not lysinederived alkaloid
a) Anabessine
b) Lapinine
c) Anaferine
d) Colchicine

36. One of the following is an example of pseudo-alkaloids
a) Atropine
b) Anabessine
c) Ephedrine
d) Emetine

37. Tropic acid portion in atropine is derived from
a) Proline
b) Ornithine
c) Phenyl alanine
d) Lysine

38. Cocaine on hydrolysis yields
a) Ecogonine +Methanol + Benzoic acid
b) Ecogonine + Methanol + Cinnamic acid
c) Ecogonine + Methanol + -Truxillic acid
d) Ecogonine + Methanol + Tropic acid

39. Raowolfia serpentina is distinguished from other species of Raowolfia by following microscopic character.
a) Sclerenchyma is absent
b) Narrow phloeum & consists of pavencyals with scattered sieve tissue
c) Parenchymatones secondary cortex &contain starch
d) All the above

40. Ephedrine is derived from
a) Lysine
b) Ornithine
c) Tyrosine
d) Phenylalanine

41. One of the following is not indole alkaloid
a) Ergotamine
b) Strychnine
c) Yohimbine
d) Piperine

42. Oculogyric crisis is known to be produced by all of the following drugs except
a. Trifluoperazine
b. Atropine
c. Perchlorperazine
d. Perphenazine

43. The best medium for production of penicillin is
a. Nutrient Agar
b. Corn steep liquor
c. Sulfite waste liquor
d. Whey

44. st.anton’s fire is associated with…?

45. the bacterial spores are destroyed by

46. the immunoglobin which crosses placenta is
a) 1gA

47. which of the following is not a methyl xanthines derivative
a. theobromine
b. theophihylline
c. cocaine
d. caffine

48. Tailling effect in column chromatography reduce by _________elution technique.
A.Isocratic elution
B.Fractional elution
C.Gradient elution
D.None of the above

49. Dry mouth during antidepressant therapy is caused by blockade of
a. Muscarinic acetylcholinereceptors
b. Serotonergic receptors
c. Dopaminergic receptors
d. GABA receptors

50. Which one of the following drugs increases gastrointestinal motility?
a. Glycopyrrolate
b. Atropine
c. Neostigmine
d. Fentanyl


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