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Preformulations MCQs with Answers

???? Pharmaceutics ????

???????? Preformulations ????????

1️⃣ Preformulation studies is about ensuring …
A. Efficacy
B. Stability
C. Saftey
D. All the above

2️⃣ Amorphous forms shows?
A. Poor solubility
B. Good solubility
C. Long range order
D. None

3️⃣ Crystal forms show this structure?
A. 2D
B. 3D
C. Short range
D. None

4️⃣ Two or more molecules are hydrogen bonded to each other?
A. Crystals
B. Polymorphs
C. Cocrystals
D. All

5️⃣ DSC is
A. Differential scanning calorimeter
B. Differential scattering calorimeter
C. Digital scanning calorimeter
D. None

6️⃣ X ray diffraction pattern indicates …
A. Solubility
B. Permeability
C crystalinity
D functional groups

7️⃣  SEM can analyse ?
A. Crystalinity and solubility
B. Flow property
C. Shape and size
D. Complexity

8️⃣ Bragg’s law define.. _
A. Solubility
B. Shape
C. Diffraction
D. All

9️⃣ Crystal forms shows _
A. Rapid duration of action
B. Short duration of action
C. Long duration of action
D. Onset of action

???? Estrone shows how many polymorphs
A. 4
B. 2
C. 3
D. None


1. D (all the above )
2. B (good solubility)
3. B (3D)
4. C (cocrystals)
5. A (differential scanning calomerimeter)
6. C ( crystalinity)
7. C ( shape and size)
8. C (diffraction)
9. C ( long duration of action)
10. C (3)