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General Pharmacology (Unit:- 2) :- Hand written Notes


General Pharmacology
a. Pharmacodynamics-

  • Principles and mechanisms of drug action.
  • Receptor theories and classification of receptors,
  • regulation of receptors.
  • drug receptors interactions signal transduction mechanisms,
  • G-protein–coupled receptors,
  • ion channel receptor,
  • transmembrane enzyme linked receptors,
  • transmembrane JAK-STAT binding receptor and receptors that regulate transcription factors,
  • dose response relationship,
  • therapeutic index,
  • combined effects of drugs and factors modifying drug action.
    b. Adverse drug reactions.
    c. Drug interactions (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic)
    d. Drug discovery and clinical evaluation of new drugs -Drug discovery phase,
  • preclinical evaluation phase,
  • clinical trial phase,
  • phases of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.

Imp Questions list

Unit:- 2

1). Enlist different types of receptors and discuss G protein coupled receptors in detail.
2). Discuss the factors modifying drug action in detail.
3). Differentiate between Phase I and Phase II biotransformation reaction.
4). Classify drug interactions and discuss pharmacokinetic drug interactions with suitable examples.
5). Discuss Mechanism of action and pharmacological actions of Adrenaline.
6). Describe Pharmacokinetic type of drug-drug interactions.
7). Explain signal transduction mechanism of GPCR.
8). Describe Rawlins Thompson classification of ADR in details.
9). Enlist and Explain four phases of clinical trials.
10). Explain Phase I reactions of drug metabolism.
11). Write a note on Pharmacovigilance.
12). Write down classification of receptors.
13). Write cause of drug interactions. Discuss Pharmacodynamics drug interactions.
14). Write about pharmacovigilance in details.
15). Explain dose response relationship and therapeutic index in briefs.
16). Write down various phases of clinical trials.
17). Write a note on Adverse drug reaction.
18). Describe various phases of clinical trial and its improtance.
19). Write a note on G protein coupled receptors.

  • Subject:- pharmacology 1
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4