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General Pharmacology (unit:- 1) Hand written Notes


General Pharmacology (unit:- 1 Pharmacology 1)
a. Introduction to Pharmacology

  • Definition of Pharmacology ,
  • historical landmarks and scope of pharmacology,
  • nature and source of drugs,
  • essential drugs concept and routes of drug administration,
  • Agonists, antagonists( competitive and noncompetitive),
  • Deferent between competitive and non-competitive antagonist
  • spare receptors,
  • addiction,
  • tolerance,
  • dependence,
  • tachyphylaxis,
  • idiosyncrasy,
  • allergy.

b. Pharmacokinetics

  • Membrane transport,
  • absorption,
  • distribution,
  • metabolism and excretion of drugs .
  • Enzyme induction,
  • enzyme inhibition,
  • kinetics of elimination

IMP Questions list

Unit:- 1

1). Enlist the factors affecting drug absorption. Explain how lipid solubility and ionization of drug affects its absorption.
2). Enlist various routes of drug administration and discuss advantages and disadvantages of Oral route.
3). Differentiate Oral route and Parenteral route.
4). Differentiate competitive and non competitive antagonism.
5). Define dependence. Write down factors involved in the development of drug dependence.
6). Write down factors affecting the absorptions of drugs.
7). Write about various parenteral routes of administration.
8). Define Drugs. Discuss sources of Drugs.
9). Discuss competitive and noncompetitive antagonism with suitable examples.
10). Write a note on Sources of drugs.
11). Explain merits and demerits of parental route.
12). Enlist factors affecting oral drug absorption.
13). Describe zero order and first order kinetic of drug elimination.
14). Explain the enzyme induction and inhibition.

  • Subject:- pharmacology 1
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4