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Fluorimetry :- Hand written notes


Theory, Concepts of singlet, doublet and triplet electronic states, internal and external conversions, factors affecting fluorescence, quenching, instrumentation and applications

Analytical chemistry has since long, occupied an important place in the development of science and technology. The various branches of chemistry has interacted for the overall improvement of our knowledge about the science and technology. The development in anal-ytical sciences has been more significant and prominent in recent years than the past. This has really broaden our vistas and helped to develop new methods of analysis in all
branches of sciences. Analytical chemistry is primarily concerned about determining the qualitative and
quantitative composition of material under study. Both these aspects are necessary to understand abogt the sample material. The qualitative analysis gives us the information about the nature of sample by knowing about the presence or absence of certain compbnents. For understanding this, sometimes use of some type of instrument is made. The quantitative
analysis deals about the contents present in a sample. For measuring this, now a days quite often, some instrumental methods are adopted. Analytical methods are generally classified into instrumental and non-instrumental category. In the former, measurement of some physical property is made to determine the contents or composition of a substance, while in non-instrumental, the conventional physico- chemical properties are used to analyse the sample. The non-instrumental methods which are primarily based upon the measurement of mass and./or volume are also called as chemical methods; and include the techniques of volumetric and gravimetric analysis. These, evennow continue to occupy their place in analytical technique because of simplicity, ease and reproducibility. The instrumental methods of analysis are based upon the measurement of
some physical property of substance using instrument to determine its chemical composition. Table asurement of physical properties and the instrumen

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