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Heterocyclic compounds (unit:- 3):- Hand written notes


  • Heterocyclic compounds:
  • Nomenclature and classification Synthesis,
  • reactions and medicinal uses of following compounds/derivatives
  • Furan, and Thiophene Relative aromaticity and reactivity of Pyrrole,
  • Furan and Thiophene

Important Question unit 3 organic chemistry

1). Explain any two synthesis and reactions of pyrrole.
2). Discuss medicinal categories of thiophene and furan derivatives. 05
3). Discuss electrophilic and chichibabin reaction of pyridine
4). Give THREE reactions of the following: (1) Furan
5). Write a short note on the following.
i) Knorr pyrrole synthesis
6). Give the Preparation, Properties and Chemical reaction of Pyrrole.
7). Comment on following statements
i) Furan has high boiling point than Pyrrole.
ii) Furan is aromatic in nature although it containing two lone pair
iii) Thiophene is more aromatic than pyrrole.
iv) Electrophilic substitution on pyridine favour at C3 position.
v) Pyrrole is more basic than pyridine and aliphatic amine.
8). State and explain with structural mechanism – Electrophilic substitution
reaction favour C2 position in Furan.

  • Subject:- Pharmacutical organic chemistry 3
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4