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Stereo isomerism (unit:- 1) Hand written notes


  • Stereo isomerism
  • Optical isomerism –
  • Optical activity,
  • enantiomerism,
  • diastereoisomerism,
  • meso compounds Elements of symmetry,
  • chiral and achiral molecules DL system of nomenclature of optical isomers,
  • sequence rules,
  • RS system of nomenclature of optical isomers
  • Reactions of chiral molecules
  • Racemic modification and resolution of racemic mixture.
  • Asymmetric synthesis: partial and absolute

Important Question unit 1 organic chemistry 3

1). Define plane polarized light and discuss optical activity in detail.
2). Differentiate enantiomers and diastereomers, discuss mesomers.
3). Explain nomenclature of optical isomers.
4). Discuss the sequence rule in detail to assign configuration.
5). Write note on stereochemistry of Biphenyls.
6). What is resolution? Explain the methods for racemic modification into enantiomers.
7). Explain the reactions of chiral molecule.
8). Explain partial and absolute asymmetric synthesis.
9). Discuss the Sequence rule to assign configuration with example.
10). State and expalin Recemic mixure and write note on different methods of resolution.
11). Give Difference between Enantiomers and Diesteriomers.
12). State and Explain
a) Enantiomers b) Diesteriomers

  • Subject:- Pharmacutical organic chemistry 3
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4