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1. What is dip coating?
(A) Repeated coating and drying
(B) Application of protein two substances which can conduct charge
(C) Air in coating pan is replaced by nitrogen
(D) Acid insoluble coating

2. Magnesium stearate is used as
(A) Anti – oxidant
(B) Anti-adherent
(C) Tablet Glidant
(D) Film Coating

3. Which test microorganism is used for most heat sterilization technique?
(A) Bacillus Subtilis
(B) Bacillus Pumilus
(C) Bacillus Thermophiles
(D) Pseudomonas Demunita

4. What is Humectant?
(A) It reduces the particle size of powder material
(B) It is used to increase the thickness of appointment
(C) It is used to prevent drying of the cream
(D) It is used to increase spread of court over the tablet

5. In tablet defect picking means
(A) Colouring distribution is not proper
(B) Partial or complete removal of top or bottom of tablet
(C) Adhesion of tablet material to sides of die
(D) Two distinct layer on tablet

6. The role of borax in cold creams is
(A) Anti-microbial agent
(B) To provide fine particles to polish skin
(C) In-situ emulsifier
(D) Antioxidant

7. Three (03) size of capsule will have how much volume capacity?
(A) 1.3
(B) 0.95
(C) 0.68
(D) 0.30

8. Gelatin is used as
(A) Encapsulating Agent
(B) Antimicrobial agent
(C) Viscosity Enhancing Agent
(D) Tablet Glidant

9. All of the following are antioxidant agent except
(A) Ascorbic acid
(B) Propyl gallate
(C) Sodium chloride
(D) Both A &C

10. Sub-coating is given to tablets
(A) To increase the bulk and to round-up the edge
(B) To avoid the deterioration due to microbial attack
(C) To prevent the solubility in acidic medium
(D) To avoid stickiness

11. In nail polish, following polymer is used as a film-former:
(A) Nitrocellulose
(B) Polylactic acid
(C) Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
(D) Cellulose acetate phthalate

12. Water for injection differs from sterile water for injection because it is free from
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Pyrogen
(C) Preservative
(D) Anti-Oxidant

13. Disposable syringe are made up of
(A) Transparent Polyester
(B) Polypropylene
(C) Glass

14. Bloom strength is used to check the quality of
(A) Lactose
(B) Ampoules
(C) Hardness of tablets
(D) Gelatin

15. The role of borax in cold creams is
(A) Anti-microbial agent
(B) To provide fine particles to polish skin
(C) In-situ emulsifier
(D) Antioxidant

16. Which one of the following drying methods is commonly used in pharma industry for drying of soft shell capsules?
(A) Truck drying

(B) Fluid bed drying
(C) Vacuum drying
(D) Microwave drying

17. Sweetening agent commonly used in chewable tablet formulas
(A) Sucrose
(B) Cyclamate sodium
(C) Saccharin sodium
(D) Mannitol

18. The following test are necessary for the quality testing of parenteral product except
(A) Pyrogen test
(B) Total organic content
(C) Conductivity Test
(D) All of Above

19. Which is also known as wurster Coater?
(A) Pan coater
(B) Fluid Bed Coater
(C) Perforated Pan Coater
(D) None of Above

20. Non uniformity during uneven colour distribution in tablet surface is called
(A) Orange peel effect
(B) Mottling
(C) Pitting
(D) Blistering

21. The purpose of seal coating in sugar coating process for tablet is
(A) To prevent moisture penetration in to tablet core
(B) To round the age and build up tablet weight

(C) Impart the desired colour to the tablet
(D) To give luster to the tablet

22. Durability of tablet to combined effect of shock and abrasion is evaluated by using
(A) Hardness tester
(B) Disintegration test apparatus
(C) Friabilator
(D) Screw Gauge

23. Which of the following defect is due to highly viscous coating solution?
(A) Lamination
(B) Orange peel
(C) Cracking
(D) Blushing

24. Moisture content of empty capsule shell should be between
(A) 12-15
(B) 5-83
(C) 2-6
(D) 20-25

25. Vanishing cream is an ointment that be classified as –
(A) A water soluble base
(B) An absorption base
(C) An emulsion base
(D) An oleic base

26. Which of the following is not act as plasticizer?
(A) Propylene glycol
(B) Polyethylene glycol
(C) Polycarbonate

(D) Tween

27. When given intravenously, a drug has bioavailability of –
(A) 10 %
(B) 50 %
(C) 100 %
(D) 75 %

28. Which is most recently used reagent for validation of HEPA filter?
(A) Emory 3004
(B) LAL Reagent
(C) Alcohol
(D) None

29. Space required for manufacturing parenteral product
(A) 50 meter square
(B) 60 meter square
(C) 80 meter square
(D) 100 meter square

30. Non parental type of glass consists of which of the following type
(A) Type -I
(B) Type -II
(C) Type -III
(D) Type -IV

31. A synthetic sweetening agent which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose and has no after taste is?
(A) Saccharin
(B) Aspartame
(C) Cyclometer
(D) Sorbitol

32. As per GMP permitted limit of soluble content in water for injection is
(A) 100 PPM
(B) 0.1 PPM
(C) 01 PPM
(D) 10 PPM

33. Lal test stands for
(A) Linker allele lyase
(B) Limulus amoebocyte lysate
(C) Lecithin antigen linkage
(D) None

34. Which of the following is commonly used as a preservative in eye drops?
(A) Propyl paraben
(B) Butylated hydroxy Toluene
(C) Phenol
(D) Benzalkonium chloride

35. What is the dose of intra dermal injection?
(A) 0.1-0.2ml
(B) 2-4 ml
(C) 1-2 ml
(D) 5-10 ml

36. Which of the following are not parenteral androgens?
(A) Testosterone
(B) Testosterone propionate
(C) Testosterone enanthate
(D) Methyl testosterone

(D) Transdermal patch

37. Which Surfactant is not used parenterally?
(B) Tween
(C) Povidone
(D) Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide

38. Water for injection should not be held at room temperature for time period of.
(A) 24 hour
(B) 48 hours
(C) 72 hours
(D) 36 hours

39. Which of the following dye is used for the leakage test?
(A) Orange Red
(B) Methylene blue
(C) Methylene red
(D) None of above

40. Which of the below has minimum permissible solid content?
(A) Water for injection
(B) Distilled water
(C) Bacteriostatic WFI
(D) Sterile WFI

41. Which of the following doses form is suitable for how to get 100% bioavailability of drug?
(A) Tablet
(B) Capsule
(C) IV injection

42. Water attack test is used to identify the alkalinity in
(A) Type 1
(B) Type 2
(C) Type 3
(D) All of the Above

43. Which of the following is a not physical characteristic of product?
(A) Crystallinity
(B) Osmolarity
(C) Wettability
(D) Partition coefficient

44. Value of angle of repose < 30 indicates?
(A) Good flow property
(B) Passable
(C) Excellent flow property
(D) Poor

45. Which of the following is not step of wet granulation?
(A) Shifting
(B) Granule formation
(C) Drying
(D) Compression

46. What is bolting of lubricant?
(A) Lubricant is passed through 150 mesh of nylon cloth
(B) Lubricant is passed through 100 mesh of nylon cloth
(C) Lubricant is completely dried before use
(D) Lubricant is mixed with excipients before reading

47. Which of the following is a carbohydrate based binder?
(A) Gelatin
(C) Both
(D) None

48. Ratio of dry glycerin/dry gelatin for hard gelatin capsule is…..?
(A) 0.6:1
(B) 0.4:1
(C) 0.8:1
(D) 1:0.8

49. The chemical nature of Eudragit is similar to
(A) Acrylic Acid
(B) Methacrylate
(C) Lactate -co glycoside
(D) Methyl cellulose

50. Filling of liquid in capsule is done by
(A) Roto fills
(B) Roto sort
(C) Accofill
(D) Pelletofill

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