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Microbiology unit:- 1 full details study note pdf


Microbiology unit:- 1

  • Defination of microbiology
  • What is microbiology detail explanations
  • History of microbiology
  • Different branch of microbiology
    1) pure microbiology 2). Applied microbiology
  • Write details history of microbiology
  • Golden age of microbiology
  • Important and scope of microbiology details explain
  • Details explain of scope of microbiology
  • Details explain of golden age of microbiology
  • Modern age of microbiology
  • Procaryotic / eukaryotic
  • Various characteristic of procaryotic or eucaryotic
  • Details explain of bacteria
  • Morphology of classification of bacteria
  • Details explain of structure of bacteria cell
  • Nutrition requirements of bacteria
    Bacteria growth carve
  • parameters of growth of bacteria.
  • Raw materials prepared to culture media.
  • Isolation of bacteria
  • Pare culture
  • Preservation of pure culture
  • Method of cultivation of anaerobes
  • Write details note about Microscopy
  • Dark field microscopy
  • Write detail short note about electon microscope

Include according to syllables

  • Introduction, history of microbiology, its branches, scope and its importance.
  • Introduction to Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  • Study of ultra-structure and morphological classification of bacteria,
  • nutritional requirements, raw materials used for culture media and physical parameters for growth, growth curve, isolation and preservation methods for pure cultures, cultivation of anaerobes, quantitative measurement of
    bacterial growth (total & viable count).
  • Study of different types of phase constrast microscopy, dark field
    microscopy and electron microscopy.