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Novel drug delivery system MCQs with Answers (Part:- 2)

Current advances in novel drug delivery system MCQs with Answers

51. Which sentence is false in the merits of SEDDS?
a) Quick onset of action
b) Increase the Drug Dose.
c) Ease of manufacture & Scale up.
d) Improvement in oral bioavailability.

Ans.: b

52. Which one more convenient route of administration for SEDDS.
a) Oral
b) I.V
c) I.M
d) Skin
Ans.: a

53. Which of the following false for in example of oil in SEDDS?
a) Corn oil
b) Olive oil
c) Sesame oil
d) Rice oil
Ans.: d

54. Which of the following is false for in examples of Surfactant in SEDDS?
a) Polysorbate 20
b) Polysorbate 80
c) Span 20
d) Sorbitan monooleate
Ans.: c

55. Which of the following is false for example of co-solvent?
a) Chloroform
b) Ethanol
c) Glycerin
d) Propylene glycol
Ans.: a

56. Which are not Preferable route of administration for SEDDS?
a) Oral
b) Parenteral
c) Ophthalmic
d) Intra muscular
Ans.: d

57. Mucoadhesive drug delivery system is a part of ___________delivery system?
a) Control
b) Sustained
c) Prolong
d) Target
Ans.: a

58. Drug loading capacity of MDDS.
a) Low
b) High
c) Very low
d) Medium
Ans.: b

59. Which theory use for the attractive electrostatic forces between glycoprotein Mucin network & the bio adhesive/ mucoadhesive material?
a) Electronic theory
b) Wetting theory
c) Adsorption theory
d) Diffusion theory
Ans.: a

60. Which theory use for Physical entanglement of Mucin strands and flexible polymer chains.
a) Wetting theory
b) Adsorption theory
c) Diffusion theory
d) Fracture theory
Ans.: c

61. Which route is not use for MDDS?
a) Nasal
b) Rectal
c) Oral

d) Buccal
Ans.: c

62. Which polymers is not included in the semisynthetic class?
a) Chitosan
b) Gelatin
c) Pectin
d) Carbopol
Ans.: d

63. Which polymers is not soluble in water?
a) PVP
b) CMC
c) PEG
Ans.: c

64. Which polymers are not having charge?
a) Starch
b) Amino dextran
c) Pectin
d) Sodium CMC
Ans.: a

65. Which sentence is false in merits of MDDS?
a) Targeting & localization of the dosage form at a specific site
b) Painless administration
c) Low enzymatic activity & avoid of first pass metabolism
d) Some patient suffers unpleasant feeling
Ans.: d

66. Which are the following not including in semisolid dosage form in MDDS?
a) Gel & ointment
b) Tablet

c) Films
d) Patches
Ans.: b

67. What is the characteristics of mucoadhesive systems?
a) Release the drug along the entire length of GIT
b) Prolonged their residence in the GIT and release
c) Usage of bio adhesive polymer
d) Use of high or low density pellets
Ans.: c

68. Mucoadhesive are including in which drug delivery system?
a) Target drug delivery system
b) Control drug delivery system
c) Prolong drug delivery system
d) Diffusion drug delivery system
Ans.: b

69. Loading capacity of Mucoadhesive drug delivery system?
a) High
b) Poor
c) Medium
d) Very Poor
Ans.: b

70. Howmany water percentage are present in Mucoadhesive drug delivery system?
a) 90 %
b) 80%
c) 95 %
d) 101%
Ans.: c

71. Howmany nontechnology based product approved for clinical use?
a) 20

b) 24
c) 30
d) 10
Ans.: b

72. What are the size of nanoparticles?
a) 10 – 100 nm
b) 1 – 100 nm
c) 10 – 1000 nm
d) None
Ans.: b

73. Which of the following is a characteristic of nanoparticles?
a) Free flowing powders
b) Aqueous solutions
c) Control drug release by partitioning the drug from the oil
d) Size range 1 -100 nm
Ans. : d

74. Nanoparticles are dived in ………….. class ?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 0
Ans.: b

75. Which are protein is includes in natural protein ?
b) PLA
c) Gelatin
Ans. c

76. Who first used the term Nanotechnology?

a) Richard Feymann
b) Norio Taniguichi
c) Eric Drexler
d) Sumio Lijima
Ans. : b

77. How many oxygen atoms lined up in a row would fit in a one nanometer space?
a) None
b) One
c) Seven
d) Seventy
Ans. c

78. Which of these statements is NOT true?
a) Gold at the nanoscale is red
b) Copper at the nanoscale is transparent
c) Silicon at the nanoscale is an insulator
d) Aluminium at the nanoscale is highly combustible
Ans.: c

79. Which of the following is an example of top-down approach for the preparation of nanomaterials?
a) Gas phase agglomeration
b) Molecular self-assembly
c) Mechanical grinding
d) Molecular beam epitaxy
Ans.: c

80. Which of the following is an example of bottom-up approach for the preparation of nanomaterials?
a) Etching
b) Dip pen nano-lithography
c) Lithography
d) Erosion
Ans.: b

81. What is the general name for the class of structures made of rolled up carbon lattices?
a) Nanorods
b) Nanotubes
c) Nanosheets
d) Fullerods
Ans. : b

82. What ratio decides the efficiency of nano-substances?
a) Weight/Volume
b) Surface area/Volume
c) Volume/Weight
d) Pressure/Volume
Ans. : b

83. “There is plenty of room at the bottom”. This was stated by
a) Eric Drexler
b) Harold Croto
c) Richard Feymann
d) Richard Smalley
Ans.: c

84. ____________ is the field in which the nanoparticles are used with silica coated iron oxide
a) Magnetic applications
b) Electronics
c) Medical diagnosis
d) Structural and mechanical materials
Ans. : c

85. Coating the nano crystals with the ceramics is carried that leads to__________ .
a) Corrosion
b) Corrosion resistant
c) wear and tear
d) Soft

Ans.: b

86. Which of the ceramic components are easier through nano structuring?
a) Lubrication
b) Coating
c) Fabrication
d) Wear
Ans. : c

87. How is nanotechnology used in the medical community?
a) Testing and diagnosis
b) Tissue engineering
c) Drug delivery
d) All the above
Ans.: d

88. Nanoscience can be studied with the help of ___________ .
a) Quantum mechanics
b) Newtonian mechanics
c) Macro-dynamics
d) Geophysics
Ans.: a

89. The compressive strength of a nanotube ________ its tensile strength.
a) is less than
b) is greater than
c) is equal to
d) may be greater than
Ans.: a

90. The nanomaterials are used in the light emitted electron luminescent devices.
a) True
b) False
Ans.: a

91. Gel electrophoresis separates nucleic acid molecules based on ____________
a) charge on molecules
b) size of the molecules
c) nature of the molecules i.e. whether DNA or RNA
d) chemical properties of the nucleic acids
Ans.: b

92. Which of the following is a characteristic of microspheres?
a) Free flowing powders
b) Aqueous solutions
c) Control drug release by partitioning the drug from the oil
d) Administration of emulsions
Ans.: a

93. What are the size of Microspheres ?
a) > 200 μm
b) < 200 μm
c) Both a and b
d) None
Ans.: b

94. What are the shape of the Microparticulates ?
a) Square
b) Triangle
c) Spherical
d) None
Ans.: c

95. Synonyms of the Microspheres………
a) Beads
b) Capsules
c) All
d) None
Ans. : c

96. In microspheres duration of action …………
a) Fast
b) Slow

c) Moderate
d) None
Ans.: a

97. Which are the not proper ideal properties of the microspheres ?
a) Longer duration of action
b) Control of content release
c) Protection of drug
d) Decrease of therapeutic efficiency
Ans.: d

98. Which are the example of non biodegradable synthetic polymers used in preparation of microspheres?
a) Proteins
b) Poly (acryl) dextran
d) Lactides
Ans.: c

99. Which are the examples of natural material used in preparation of the microspheres?
a) Albumin
b) Gelatin
c) All
d) None
Ans.: c

100. The charge present on the DNA backbone is negative. The force required to accelerate the molecules towards anode is directly proportional to the number of ____________
a) sugar molecules
b) nitrogenous bases
c) phosphate groups
d) both phosphate group and sugar molecules
Ans.: c

101. Which one of the following will travel fastest through the gel if the amount of DNA present is same in all?

a) Circular
b) Supercoiled
c) Nicked
d) Supercoiled and circular will move at same speed and faster than nicked
Ans.: b

102. How is the size of molecules under analysis measured?
a) By measuring the distance moved through a ruler
b) By measuring the amount of visualising dye used
c) By running a standard molecule, whose size is known in parallel
d) There is no exact criterion for doing so
Ans.: c

103. Gel matrices are generally of two types Agarose and Polyacrylamide. Which of the statements is correct with respect to agarose gels.
a) Agarose is a polysaccharide which is obtained from red algae
b) Agarose is a polysaccharide obtained from fungus
c) It is composed of glucose residues
d) It is obtained via dissolving in its water by boiling in water and then cooling it
Ans.: a

104. Polyacrylamide gels are the other types of gels which are commonly used. Which of the following statement is not correct with respect to these types of gels?
a) They are obtained via polymerization between acrylamide and bis-acrylamide
b) The components added for initiating polymerization are ammonium persulphate and TEMED
c) It is casted in horizontal and flat trays
d) TEMED catalyses the formation of free radicals from persulphate ions which leads to initiation of cross-linking
Ans.: c

105. If the amount of agarose added is more, the molecular under analysis should have the following
a) small size
b) large size

c) size has no relation with the amount of agarose
d) the amount of molecules under analysis matters
Ans.: a

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106. In the case of electrophoresis of single stranded DNA or RNA, which type of gels are used?
a) Renaturing
b) Denaturing
c) The routine agarose gel
d) The routine polyacrylamide gel
Ans.: b

107. The technique used to located specific genes in chromosomes is ……………..
a) Colony Hybridization
b) In situ Hybridization
c) Dot Blot Hybridization
d) Western Blotting
Ans.: b

108. The separation of charged molecules under the influence of electric current is called……….
a) Colony Hybridization
b) Dot Blot Hybridization
c) Electrophoresis
d) Western Blotting
Ans.: c

109. If further electrophoresis is used for recovery of DNA from gels, the method is termed as____________
a) secondary electrophoresis
b) recovery electrophoresis
c) denaturing electrophoresis
d) electro-elution
Ans.: d

110. The greatest separation is obtained in which portion of the gel?
a) Lower portion where the anode is
b) Lower portion where the cathode is
c) The separation is uniform all over
d) It varies according to the quantity of the size of the molecules to be separated
Ans.: a

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