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Pharmaceutical Technology-II MCQs with Answers (Part:- 2)

Pharmaceutical Technology- 2 MCQs with Answers

51. Enteric coated tablet is dissolved in 0.1 N HCl as per I.P.
a) 180 minutes
b) 120 minutes
c) 45 minutes
d) 60 minutes
Ans.: B

52. During compression, entrapped air may lead to:
a) Capping & lamination
b) Picking & sticking
c) Binding & sticking
d) Ejection & Removal
Ans.: A

53. Anhydrous lactose has advantage over hydrous lactose.
a) Improved flow
b) Absence of milliard reaction
c) Improved Compressibility
d) High microbial load
Ans.: B

54. If the dose of the drug is inadequate, then it generally requires the following one, to make up its bulk:
a) Binders
b) Disintegrants
c) Lubricants
d) Diluents
Ans.: D

55. The first and most widely used diluent in tablet formulation is
a) Dextrose
b) Lactose
c) MCC
d) Starch
Ans.: B

56. Which of the following is a synthetic adhesive?
a) PVP
b) MC
d) HPC
Ans.: A

57. Which of the following packaging is commonly used for packaging of capsules?
a) Blister
b) Strip
c) Both
d) None
Ans.: C

58. Which of the following is used to fill powdered dry solid into soft gelatin capsules?
a) Accogel
b) Rotofil
c) Rotosort
d) Rotoweigh
Ans.: A

59. Sealing of capsules is achieved by:
a) 100 °C
b) 20 °C
c) 37 °C – 40 °C
d) 70 °C
Ans.: C

60. Find the correct one.
a) 000 largest size
b) 00 Largest size
c) 5 smallest size
d) Both A and C are correct
Ans.: D

61. Which is a capsule filling machine?
a) Osaka
b) Jaansan
c) Macofar
d) All of the above
Ans.: D

62. Iron content of gelatin for hard and soft gelatin capsule:
a) NMT 5 ppm
b) NMT 10 ppm
c) NMT 25 ppm
d) NMT 15 ppm
Ans.: D

63. Gelatin is hydrolysed product:
a) Pectin
b) Tannin
c) Shellac
d) Collagen
Ans.: D

64. Moisture content of capsule is determined by:
a) IR Spectroscopy
b) Toulene distillation method
c) Accogel machine
d) Erweka key
Ans.: B

65. ____________ treatment is used for the solubility of gelatin.
a) Heat
b) Formalin
c) Alcohol
d) Formalin
Ans.: B

66. Which one of these is not an antioxidant?
a) Sodium Bisulphate
b) Sodium chloride
c) Sodium metabisulphite
d) Sodium Sulphite

67. Type A gelatin has its isoelectric point in the region of
a) pH 4.7
b) pH 9.0
c) pH 7.4
d) pH 9.4
Ans.: B

68. In capsules, Elancofil and accofil machine is used for
a) Filling of powder into capsules
b) Filling pellets into capsules
c) Sorting filled capsule
d) Filling liquids into capsules
Ans. : A

69. In capsules, Qualiseal machine is used for:
a) Sorting the filled capsules
b) Filling the liquids into capsules
c) Filling pellets into capsules
d) Filling powder into capsules
Ans.: B

70. Sulphur dioxide is used for:
a) As a coloring agent
b) To prevent bitterness
c) To prevent decomposition of gelatin shell
d) None of the above
Ans. C

71. Green bones are used for the preparation of gelatin of the type:
a) Type A
b) Type B
c) Type C
d) A & B
Ans. : B

72. Viscosity of gelatin ranges from:
a) 8-10 millipoise
b) 60-80 millipoise
c) 2-10 millipoise
d) 25-45 millipoise
Ans. D

73. The approximate particle size of microcapsule using solvent evaporation is:
a) 5-5000 µm
b) 100-10,000 µm
c) 10-100 µm
d) 5-10 µm
Ans.: A

74. Which of the following is a tamper proof dosage form?
a) Tablet
b) Capsule
c) Dry powder
d) Syrup
Ans.: A

75. Weight variation limits as per USP for the tablet weight more than 324 mg:
a) 7.5 mg
b) 7.5%
c) 5%
d) 5 mg
Ans.: C

76. Apparatus 1 as per USP:
a) Flow-through cell
b) Paddle
c) Basket
d) Reciprocating cylinder
Ans. : C

77. What is different in B tooling and D tooling?
a) Punch and die length are different
b) Punch length same but die length different
c) Punch and die diameter are different
d) Punch diameter same but die diameter different
Ans. : C

78. Ratio of methyl paraben and propyl paraben used as preservative in capsule?
a) 4:1
b) 1:4
c) 1:2
d) 1:1
Ans.: C

79. Dispirin is a?
a) Dispersible tablet
b) Soluble tablet
c) Effervescent tablet
d) None of the above
Ans. : A

80. For Sugar Coated tablet, the specified disintegration time is:
a) 60 min.
b) 120 min.
c) 30 min.
d) 15 min.
Ans.: A

81. Adhesion of tablet material to die wall is called:
a) Sticking
b) Picking
c) Capping
d) Mottling
Ans. : A

82. Which of the following is responsible for sticking?
a) Excessive moisture
b) Low moisture
c) Both
d) None
Ans.: A

83. Which of the following is not a commercially available Starch product?
a) Sta-Rx 1500
b) Celutab
c) Emdex
d) Sugar tab
Ans.: D

84. Aerosil is used as a:
a) Glidant
b) Lubricant
c) Antiadherent
d) None
Ans.: A

85. Tablets that are placed between cheek and teeth are known as:
a) Buccal
b) Sublingual
c) Lozenges
d) Troches
Ans.: A

86. Flow rate of granules from the hopper can be improved by adding:
a) Disintegrants
b) Glidants
c) Binders
d) Lubricant
Ans.: B

87. The aim of Sub-coating is:
a) To increase the bulkiness
b) To avoid deterioration due to microbial attack
c) To prevent solubility in acidic medium
d) To avoid stickiness
Ans.: A

88. The following ingredients are commonly used as coating agents for film coating except:
a) CAP
b) Carnuba Wax
c) HEC
d) Sodium CMC
Ans.: B

89. The Wurster process can be used for:
a) Coating
b) To determine disintegration time
c) Gas sterilize parenteral solution
d) Automatic filling of capsules
Ans.: A

90. In tablet formulation, PVP is used mainly as:
a) Glidant
b) Diluent
c) Lubricant
d) Binder
Ans. : D

91. Use of cross povidone in tablet formulation:
a) Binder
b) Disintegrant
c) Flow enhancer
d) Lubricant
Ans.: B

92. Use of colloidal silicone dioxide in tablet formulation:
a) Diluent
b) Disintegrant
c) Glidant
d) Lubricant
Ans.: C

93. Boxes and cartons are covered in which type of packaging in pharmaceutical?
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Tertiary
d) Quaternary
Ans.: B

94. ____________ is the best pharmaceutical packaging film for tablets, capsules, which is taking place of PVC film.
a) Ply bean foil
b) Quick sol foil
c) Silly-silly foil
d) Alu-alu foil
Ans.: D

95. Which of the following polymer is widely used in film coating of tablets?
a) Acacia
b) Syrup
d) Starch
Ans.: C

96. Lamination is:
a) Separation of a tablet into two or more distinct layer
b) Partial & complete separation of top & bottom crowns of the tablet from the main body of the
c) Process of sub-coating
d) None of the above
Ans.: C

97. Seal coat aim is to:
a) To prevent moisture deposition
b) To round the edge and build the tablet size
c) To smoothen the surface
d) To prevent the tablet from breaking due to vibration
Ans.: A

98. Which of the following ingredient is used for polishing of sugar coated tablets
a) Gelatin
b) Talc
c) PEG 4000
d) Carnauba wax
Ans.: D

99. ____________ decreases the bioavailability of tetracycline.
a) Lactose
b) DCP
c) Starch
d) MCC
Ans.: B

100. The first stage of wetting on addition of a granulating agent to the powders is characterized by which one of the followings?
a) Capillary state
b) Pendular state
c) Funicular state
d) Droplet state
Ans.: A

101. Larger values of Ky in the Heckel Plot indicate formation of what quality of tablets?
a) Harder tablets
b) Soft tablets
c) Brittle tablets
d) Fluffy tablets
Ans.: A

102. According to USP, the speed regulating device of the dissolution apparatus should be capable of maintaining the speed within limits of what % of the selected speed?
a) 1%
b) 2%
c) 4%
d) 5%
Ans.: C

103. What is Primogel?
a) Substituted HPMC for direct compression
b) Modified MCC for direct compression
c) Hydrogelling polymer for gel formation
d) Modified starch for disintegration
Ans.: D

104. Which filler can NOT be used for the preparation of tablets for amine containing basic drugs to avoid discoloration of the tablets?
a) Dicalcium Phosphate
b) Microcrystalline cellulose
c) Starch
d) Lactose
Ans.: D

105. Which of the following industrial dryer is used to dry tablet granules?
a) Drum Dryer
b) Fluid dryer
c) Spray dryer
d) Freeze Dryer
Ans.: B

106. A water soluble substance used as coating material in microencapsulation process is:
a) Polyethylene
b) Silicone
c) HEC
d) Paraffin
Ans.: C

107. One of the following is used as a pH dependent controlled release excipient.
a) Carnauba wax
b) HPMC Phthalate
c) Methyl cellulose
d) Glyceryl Monostearate
Ans.: B

108. A retardant material that forms a hydrophilic matrix in the formulation of matrix tablets is.
b) CAP
c) Polyethylene
d) Carnauba wax
Ans.: A

109. Unless otherwise stated in the individual monograph of the pharmacopoeia, in the disintegration test for enteric coated tablets, first the dissolution is carried out in.
a) 0.1N HCl
b) Phosphate buffer
c) water
d) 0.1 M H2SO4
Ans.: C

110. Durability of a tablet to combined effects of shock and abrasion is evaluated by using.
a) Hardness tester
b) Disintegration test apparatus
c) Friabilator
d) Screw gauge
Ans.: C