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Pharmaceutics (Part-2) MCQs with Answers


51 According to I.P. type II dissolution apparatus is
A paddle
B basket
C Flow through cell
D reciprocation cylinder

52 Which test can be used for evaluation of GRDDS?
A buoyancy
B floating
C Swelling index
D All of them

53 Cold cream is which type of emulsion?
A w/o
B o/w
C o/w/o
D w/o/w

54 Which of the following is used in stain removal in dental preparation?
A Dextrans
C Polysiloxanes
D All of them

55 Pearlescent agent used in shampoo is
A Guamine
B Dodecyl ammonium
C both
D none

56 According to BCS classification type II drugs are
A High soluble-low permeable
B High permeable-low soluble
C High soluble-high permeable
D Low soluble-low permeable

57 The order of dissolution of different solid forms of drugs are
A Amorphous>metastable>stable
B Stable>metastable>amorphous
C Amorphous>stable>metastable
D none

58 What is Primogel?
A Substituted HPMC for direct compression
B Modified MCC for direct compression
C Hydrogelling polymer for gel formation
D Modified starch for disintegration

59 Area under curve (AUC) represents
A Amount of drug absorbed
B Biological half life of drug
C Amount of drug excreted in urine
D All of them

60 Which of the following ingredient is used as backing layer of TDDS?

61 Choose the correct excipient for enhancing solubility in tablet manufacture
B Microcrystalline cellulose
C Talc
D Lactose

62 The rate of drug bioavailability is most rapid when the drug is formulated or deliver as
A Controlled release product
B Hard gelatin capsule
C tablet
D solution

63 The loading dose of a drug is usually based on
A Total body clearance of the drug
B Percentage of drug bound to plasma proteins
C Fraction of drug excreted unchanged in urine
D Apparent volume of distribution and desired drug concentration in plasma

64 The instrument used to measure particle volume is
A Coulter Counter
B Microscope
C Hempel Burette
D Helium Densitometer

65 The phenomenon of increasing the solubility of weak electrolytes and nonpolar molecules by the addition of a water miscible solvent in which the drug has good solubility is called
A Complexation
B Cosolvency
C Solubilization
D Hydrotrophy

66 Durability of a tablet to combined effects of shock and abrasion is evaluated by using
A Hardness tester
B Disintegration test apparatus
C Friabilator
D Screw Gauge

67 According to IP 2010 term “sparingly soluble” means the volume of solvent in ml/gm of solute needed will be
A From 30 to 100
B From 100 to 1000
C From 10 to 30
D From 1000 to 10,000

68 Other name of freeze drying
A Freeze evaporation
B sublimation
C lyophilization
D b & c

69 Titanium dioxide is commonly present in
A Vanishing cream
B Sunscreen cream
C Aqueous calamine cream
D Ophthalmic cream

70 Pyrogens are metabolic products of
A Gram negative bacteria
B Gram positive bacteria
C Fungi
D All of the above

71 Uniform capsule fill weight can be better achieved by
A Deaeration
B Type of capsule
C Size of capsule
D None

72 Glyceryl behenate up to 5% concentration work as
A Wet binder
B Lubricant
C Disintegrant
D None

73 Triacetin is used as
A Binder
B Film plasticizer
C Disintegrant
D None

74 Which dosage form is suitable to reduce irritation produce by mechanical of the topical medication?
A Gel
B Ointment
C Lotion
D Aerosol

75 Sorbitol 70% can be used in cream preparation as
A Anti-irritant
B Humectant
C Accelerant
D Emulsifier

76 Particle size determination of aerosol is done by
A Light scatter decay method
B Anderson pipette
C Travelling microscope
D All of above

77 For bitter taste preparation recommended flavor is
A Wild cherry
B Vanilla
C Butter scotch
D None

78 One of the units used for expressing pressure is “torr” and it is equal to
A cm of Hg
B mm of Hg
C psi
D gauss

79 A water soluble substance used as coating material in microencapsulation process is
A Polyethylene
B Silicone
C Hydroxy ethyl cellulose
D Paraffin

80 One of the following is used as a solubilizing agent to solubilize testosterone in pharmaceutical liquid dosage forms.
A Sucrose monoesters
B Lanoline esters
C Lanoline ethers
D Tweens

81 An abrasive used in dentifrices is
A Dicalcium phosphate
B Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose
C Sodium lauryl sulphate
D Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate

82 Gargles are used in mouth cavity in the region of
A anterior
B posterior
C sublingual
D superficial

83 Cleansing creams at the body temperature are
A liquefying
B solidifying
C precipitating
D cracking

84 Muscara is applied to
A chicks
B nose
C hands
D Eye lashes

85 Anti dandruff agent used in shampoo is
A Sodium sulfide
B Barium sulfide
C Selenium disulfide
D Potassium sulfide

86 The tear contains following antibacterial enzyme
A Lysozyme
B Lipase
C protease
D peptidase

87 Which of the following has sweet taste sensation
A Berry
B Wintergreen mint
C Raspberry
D All of above

88 Occusert is placed in
A Cul-de-sac
B Under the upper lid
C Under the lower lid
D All of above

89 Ozokerite is a
A Oil
B Resin
C Wax
D Oleoresin

90 Which of the following organ has greatest biotransformation capacity
A Brain
B Lungs
C Liver
D Kidney

91 Which of the following method is suitable for characterization of solid forms
A Microscopy
C Thermo gravimetric
D All of them

92 Inadequate spreading of coating solution before drying causes bumping effect which is known as
A Mottling
B Orange peel
C Cracking
D Roughness

93 Most of the drugs cross biological membrane by
A Active transport
B Facilitated diffusion
C Passive diffusion
D Pinocytosis

94 Lamination of the tablet is
A Separation into two or more layers
B Top or bottom crowns separated from main tablet body
C Process of subcoating
D None

95 Shellac is used in tablet coating as
A Polishing agent
B Film coating agent
C Enteric coating agent
D Subcoating or sugar coating

96 Coalescence kinetics in emulsion was proposed by
A Bancraft
B Chun & others
C Davis
D None of the above

97 Quality control of water is monitored by
A Viable bacterial count
B Conductivity
C Endotoxin
D Sterility test

98 GMP works on
A Increases cost
B Keeps beureau crates busy
C Keeps manufacturer busy
D Keeps patient’s reliability on quality

99 Melatonin is available in some products as
A Amino acid supplement
B Digestant
C Coloring agent
D Sleep aid

100 Allantoin present in cosmetic lotion is present as
A Antibacterial agent
B Antipruritic
C Vulnerary
D Emollient