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Social and Preventive Pharmacy Chapter 3 MCQs with Answers

Social and Preventive Pharmacy (BP802TT)

1. World’s AIDS day was observed on which day?
a. 30th November
b. 2 nd December
c. 1 st December
d. 3 rd December

2. Consider the following statements:
A. In 1986 first case of AIDS was detected in India.
B. In 1992. India’s first national AIDS control program was launched. Also National AIDS control organization was constituted to implement the program.
C. A National Council on AIDS chaired by the Prime Minister.
D. Currently NACO is working on special software to link Aadhar cards of AIDS patients.

• Which of the above statements are true?
a. 1, 3, 4
b. 2, 3, 4
c. 1,4
d. All of the above

3. Which body is responsible for formulating policy and implementing programs for prevention and control of HIV in India?
b. IIM
c. IIT

4. On which date the World Health Organization recognize to celebrate the void tuberculosis day.
a. 24th March
b. 7
th April
c. 24th April
d. 14th November

5. World Health Organization recommended a control strategy for TB known as:
a. dots
b. morphine
c. gene therapy
d. MCT

6. NL EP was launched in…
a. 1983
b. 1990
c. 1980
d. 1985

7. Full form of DPMR..
a. Direction prevention and medical Rehabilitation
b. Disability prevention and medical research
c. Disability prevention and medical Rehabilitation

d. None of the above

8. The indicator is to decrease the visible disabilities to less than one per one lakh population in the community in NLEP is by—–
a. 2030
b. 2015
c. 2020
d. 2025

9. National mental health program was launched in…
a. 1980
b. 1985
c. 1980
d. 1990

10. In which we are the main power development scheme became part National mental health program.
a. 2010
b. 2009
c. 2015
d. 2013

11. Who on — removed India from the list of countries with active endemic wild poliovirus transmission.
a. 24th February 2012
b. 28th February 2012
c. 10th February 2012
d. 15th February 2012

12. Eye donation for night is observed on..
a. 25 August to 8 September
b. 28 August to 8 September
c. 22 August to 1st to September
d. None.

13. The last polio case in the country was reported from….
a. West Bengal
b. Gujarat
c. Delhi
d. Orissa

14. Under program NPCB Vision 2020 is..
a. the right to sight
b. the outh to sight
c. both
d. none

15. Biggest achievement of immunization program is the eradication of
a. Chickenpox
b. Smallpox
c. Tetanus
d. TB

16. Vaccine under UIP..
a. BCG
b. DPT
c. OPV
d. above all

17. diseases protected by vaccination under UIP are
a. diphtheria
b. pertussis
c. tetanus
d. above all

18. Full form of AEFI…
a. Adverse Events following immunization
b. Adverse Events for immunization
c. Adverse evidence following immunization
d. none

19. Measles Rubella vaccine was introduced in
a. 1985
b. 2017
c. 2018
d. 2005

20. Misson IndraDhanush was launched in
a. 2014 -15
b. 2010-12
c. 2017-18
d. 2009-10

21. National program for prevention and control of deafness was launched in
a. 2005
b. 2007
c. 2010
d. 2015

22. Full form of NLEP…
a. National leprosy eradication process
b. National leprosy enrollment program
c. National leprosy eradication program
d. none of the above

23. 24/7 call center receive disease alerts all across the country on a toll-free number is..
a. 1075

b. 108
c. 1096
d. 1086

24. Parts of surveillance unit in IDSP are
a. BSU
b. CSU
c. SSU
d. Above all

25. Nikshyaposhakyojan is centrally sponsored scheme under..
a. National Health Mission
b. National Urban Health Mission
c. National rural Health Mission
d. None

26. Full form of Dot..
a. Directly observed treatment
b. directional observed treatment
c. documental observed treatment
d. above all

27. TB elimination has been integrated into the four strategic pillars of “detect -treat- prevent- build”
a. true
b. false

28. TB is caused by..
a. virus
b. bacteria
c. protozoa
d. fungi

29. HIV is caused by..
a. virus
b. bacteria
c. protozoa
d. fungi

30. What are the types of blindness?
a. curable
b. absolute
c. social
d. above all

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Subject:- Social and Preventive Pharmacy (BP802TT)
Semester:- 8th sem , sem 8
MCQs with Answers