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Flame Photometry, Nepheloturbidometry :- Hand written notes


Flame Photometry-Principle, interferences, instrumentation and applications Atomic absorption spectroscopy- Principle, interferences, instrumentation and Applications
Nepheloturbidometry– Principle, instrumentation and applications

It is a well known observation that several elements like sodium or potassium when burned in bunsen flame emits a characteristic colour. The brightness of the colour varies with the amount of element introduced into the flame. A method of quantitative determination of a particular element using flame has been developed and is known as flame photometry. Thus, flame photometry or flame emission spectroscopy is a technique involved in detectiorr of characteristic radiation emitted in flame by individual element and the correlation of emitted intensity with the concentration of that element. The method of excitation of sample in flame is simple and is carried out as under. A small volume of’sample, dissolved in water or in a suitable organic solvent is placed in a cup of automiser. Air, oxygen and combustible gas is fed to automiser under controlled conditions. This allows solution of sample to be sprayed into flame. Yapourization of solvent as well as excitation of element takes place in flame and radiations are emitted. The radiation from flame is allowed to pass through dispersing device in order to isolate the desired region of the spectrum. The intensity of isolated radiation is alloried to fall on photocell and after amplification, the intensity of isolated radiation is measured. After calibrating the instrument for different concentrations of known element, the intensity of unknown is measured and the amount of element is found out.

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