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Pathophysiology Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Questions Wise Notes Pathophysiology

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1.HypertensionClick Hear
2.CHF:- Congestive heart failureClick Hear
3.Alzheimer’s diseasesClick Hear
4.COPD:- chronic obstructive pulmonary diseasesClick Hear
5.Peptic ulcerClick Hear
6.EpilepsyClick Hear
7.Acute & chronic renal failureClick Hear
8.Wound healingClick Hear
9.CancerClick Hear
10.AIDSClick Hear
11.Diabetes mellitusClick Hear
12.DepressionClick Hear
13.Inflammatory bowel diseaseAnita GouswamiClick Hear
14.AtherosclerosisClick Hear
15.what is asthma Short NoteClick Hear
16.Thyroid diseaseClick Hear
17.Alcoholic live diseasesClick Hear
18.Tumor:- cancerClick Hear
19.Introduction Of PathophysiologyClick Hear
20.Ischemic heart diseaseClick Hear
21.Cellular adaptationClick Hear
22.Pathophysiology Of respiratory SystemClick Hear
21.ThalassemiaClick Hear
22.HemophiliaClick Hear
23.Diseases of thyroid glandClick Hear
24.Hypothyroidism cretinism myxedema goiterClick Hear
25.Acute chronic renal failureClick Hear
26.JaundiceClick Hear
27.Etiology of cell injuryClick Hear
28.Hypertension (Cardiovascular Disease)Dimple PatelClick Hear
29.Cancer:- Types, Pathogenesis, causesDimple Patel Click Hear
30.Peptic Ulcer:- Cause, Symptoms, Treatment, ComplicationDimple Patel Click Hear
31.Inflammatory Bowel disease:- Types, Pathogenesis, EtiologyDimple Patel Click Hear

MCQs with Answers of Pathophysiology

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1.Click Hear
2.Click Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear
6.Click Hear
7.Click Hear
8.Click Hear
9.Click Hear
10.Click Hear
11.Click Hear
12.Click Hear

PDF / PPT / Articles/ Video of Pathophysiology

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1.Pathophysiology Study MaterialClick Hear
2.Epilepsy introduction causes classification and their pathology (Video)Shivanee VyasClick Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear

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