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Organic chemistry 2 Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Organic chemistry 2

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1.Benzen and its derivatives (unit:- 1)Nikita ParmarClick Hear
2.Phenol (unit:- 2)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
3.Aromatic amines (unit:- 2)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
4.Polynuclear hydrocarbon (unit:- 4) Click Hear
5.Cyclo alkane (unit:- 5)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
6.Benzen and its derivatives (unit:- 1) DuloMixClick Hear

Questions Wise Notes Organic chemistry 2

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1.Derivatives of benzeneClick Hear
2.Acidity of phenolsClick Hear
3.Qualitative test for phenolsClick Hear
4.Hydrogenation of oil with diagramClick Hear
5.why animal fats are solid and Vegetable oils are liquidClick Hear
6.Haworth synthesisClick Hear
7.Baeyers strain theoryClick Hear
8.Friedel craft acylation and alkylationClick Hear
9.Structure and use:- phenol, cresols, resorcinol, naphtholsClick Hear
10.Chemical reaction of benzeneClick Hear
11.Define benzene and structure of benzeneClick Hear
12.Huckel rulesClick Hear

MCQs with Answers of Organic chemistry 2

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1.Click Hear
2.Click Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear
6.Click Hear
7.Click Hear
8.Click Hear
9.Click Hear
10.Click Hear
11.Click Hear
12.Click Hear

PDF / PPT / Articles/ Video of Organic chemistry 2

No.TopicsPublish ByClick Link
1.Organic Chemistry Study MaterialClick Hear
2.Chemical formula for some compoundsClick Hear
3.Organic chemistry gpat 2020 question paper analysisClick Hear
4. Benzen and its derivatives (unit:- 1) Anjali PrajapatiClick Hear
5. Polynuclear hydrocarbon (unit:- 4) Anjali Prajapati Click Hear
6. Cyclo alkane (unit:- 5) Anjali Prajapati Click Hear
7. Cyclo alkane (unit:- 5) Anjali Prajapati Click Hear

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