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Pharmacy Practice Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Pharmacy Practice

NO.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Hospital and it’s organization (Unit:- 1)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
2.Hospital pharmacy and its organization (unit:- 1)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
3.Adverse drug reaction (unit:- 1)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
4.Community Pharmacy (unit:- 1) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
5.Drug distribution system in a hospital (unit:- 2)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
6.Hospital formulary, Therapeutic drug monitoring (Unit:- 2)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
7.Medication adherence,Patient medication history interview, Community pharmacy (Unit:- 2)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
8.Pharmacy and therapeutic committee, Drug information services (Unit:-3)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
9.Patient counseling, Education and training, Prescribed medication (Unit:- 3)Shraddha Patel Click Hear
10.Budget preparation and implementation (Unit:- 4) Jinal GandhiClick Hear
11.Pharmacy Practice (Unit:- 4) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
12,Drug store management and inventory control (Unit:- 5) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
13.Investigational use of drugs, Clinical Laboratory Tests (Unit:- 5) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
14.Organisation And Layout of drug store (Unit:- 5) Anita GouswamiClick Hear
15.Drug distribution system in a hospital (unit:- 2) Singh ShishpalClick Hear
16.Hospital formulary (unit:- 2) Singh Shishpal Click Hear
17.b) Drug information services (unit:- 3) Singh Shishpal Click Hear
18.Patient counseling (unit:- 3) Singh Shishpal Click Hear
19.Medication adherence (unit:- 2) Singh Shishpal Click Hear
20.Chapter:- 1Mihir JesurClick Hear
21.Chapter:- 2Mihir JesurClick Hear
22.Chapter:- 2 Part :- 2Mihir JesurClick Hear
23.Chapter:- 3Mihir JesurClick Hear
24.Budget preparation and implementationMihir JesurClick Hear
25.Over the counter (OTC) Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
26.Clinical pharmacy handwritten notes
Click Hear
27.Pharmacy and therapeutic Committee Handwritten notes (PTC)
Click Hear
28.Techniques of inventory controlDuloMixClick Hear
29.Hospital and it’s organization handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
30.Hospital pharmacy Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
31.ADRs Handwritten Notes pharmacy practiceDuloMixClick Hear
32.Community Pharmacy Handwritten notes practice pharmacyDuloMixClick Hear
33.Drug Distribution System in hospital Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
34.Hospital Formulary Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
35.Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
36.Medication Adherence Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
37.Patient Medication history Interview Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
38.Community Pharmacy management handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
39.Drug information service handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
40.Patient Counseling Handwritten notesDuloMixClick Hear
41.Education and training program in the hospital DuloMixClick Hear
42.Prescribed medication order and communication skillsDuloMixClick Hear

MCQs with Answers of Pharmacy Practice

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1.Pharmacy Practices MCQs With AnswerClick Hear
2.Pharmacy Practices MCQs With Answer (Part:- 2)Click Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear
6.Click Hear
7.Click Hear
8.Click Hear
9.Click Hear
10.Click Hear
11.Click Hear
12.Click Hear

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