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Pharmacy Practice Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Pharmacy Practice

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1.Hospital and it’s organization (Unit:- 1)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
2.Hospital pharmacy and its organization (unit:- 1)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
3.Adverse drug reaction (unit:- 1)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
4.Community Pharmacy (unit:- 1) Shraddha PatelClick Hear
5.Drug distribution system in a hospital (unit:- 2)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
6.Hospital formulary, Therapeutic drug monitoring (Unit:- 2)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
7.Medication adherence,Patient medication history interview, Community pharmacy (Unit:- 2)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
8.Pharmacy and therapeutic committee, Drug information services (Unit:-3)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
9.Patient counseling, Education and training, Prescribed medication (Unit:- 3)Shraddha PatelClick Hear
10.Budget preparation and implementation (Unit:- 4) Jinal GandhiClick Hear
11.Pharmacy Practice (Unit:- 4) Shraddha PatelClick Hear
12,Drug store management and inventory control (Unit:- 5) Shraddha PatelClick Hear
13.Investigational use of drugs, Clinical Laboratory Tests (Unit:- 5) Shraddha PatelClick Hear
14.Organisation And Layout of drug store (Unit:- 5) Anita GouswamiClick Hear

MCQs with Answers of Pharmacy Practice

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1.Pharmacy Practices MCQs With AnswerClick Hear
2.Pharmacy Practices MCQs With Answer (Part:- 2)Click Hear
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4.Click Hear
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