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Medicinal chemistry II Notes/ MCQs / PPT / PDF

Medicinal chemistry II Hand Written Notes

No.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Medicinal chemistry 2 Unit:- 1Click Hear
2.Medicinal chemistry 2 Unit:- 2Click Hear
3.Medicinal chemistry 2 Unit:- 3Click Hear
4.Medicinal chemistry 2 Unit:- 4Click Hear
5.Medicinal chemistry 2 Unit:- 5Click Hear
6.Med chemistry Unit:- 2DhruvinClick Hear
7.Anti -Arithmetic drugDhruvinClick Hear

Topic / Question Wise Notes Medicinal chemistry II

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.Gastric proton pump inhibitorsClick Hear
2.SAR of Local AnestheticClick Hear
3.Nomenclature of SteroidsClick Hear
4.Antihypertensive Drug Classification and StructureClick Hear
5.Definition And classification of DiureticsClick Hear
6.Synthetic pathway mechlorethamine 6-mercaptopurineClick Hear
7.Enlist Histamine Receptor and NeurochemistryClick Hear
8.Medicinal Chemistry Question + AnswerDhruvinClick Hear

PDF/ PPT/ Articles Of Medicinal chemistry II

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.What is oral hypoglycemic drugs and classification Click Hear
2.What is anti anginal drug and there classification Click Hear
3.What is anti-neoplastic agent and there classification Click Hear
4.Medicinal Chemistry ii BP501TT Question Bank Click Hear
5. Click Hear

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