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Pharmacology 2 Notes/ MCQs / PPT / PDF

Pharmacology 2 Hand Written Notes

No.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Drug Acting On CVS (Unit:-1)Raj GuruClick Hear
2.Pharmacology 2 (Unit:- 1)Raj Guru Click Hear
3.Anti anginal Drug (Unit:- 1)Nikita ParmarClick Hear
4.Electrophysiology Of Heart (Unit:-1)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
5.Pharmacology 2 (Unit:- 2)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
6.Diuretics And Anti-diuretics (Unit:-2)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
7.Diuretics Pharmacology (Unit:-2) Jinal Gandhi Click Hear
8.Autacoids And Related DrugsRaj Guru Click Hear
9. Drug Acting On CVS (Unit:-1)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
10.Drug Action On Endocrine System (Unit:- 5)Nikita Parmar Click Hear
11.Drugs used in congestive heart failure (Unit:-1) Shraddha PatelClick Hear
12.Anti-hypertensive drugs (Unit:-1) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
13.Anti-anginal drugs (Unit:-1) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
14.Anti-arrhythmic drugs (Unit:-1) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
15.Anti-hyperlipidemic drugs (Unit:-1) Shraddha Patel Click Hear
16. Anti-anginal drugs (Unit:-1) Pharmacology 2DhruvinClick Hear

Topic / Question Wise Notes Pharmacology 2

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.Gastric proton pump inhibitorsClick Hear
2.Bioassay:- Principal, Application And Types Click Hear
3.Explain Heparin as Anticoagulant Click Hear
4.Pharmacology 2 Question AnswersDhruvin Click Hear
5.Important Question For Pharmacology 2 (List)Dhruvin Click Hear

Short Question For One Mark Pharmacology 2

No. Chapter Unit Click link
1.Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on CVS (Chapter 1)1Click Hear
2.Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on CVS and Haemopoietic System (Chapter 2) 2Click Hear
3.Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on Urinary System (Chapter 3) 2Click Hear
4.Autocoids (Chapter 4) 3Click Hear
5.Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Agents (Chapter 5) 3Click Hear
6.Anti-Gout and Antirheumatic Drugs (Chapter 6) 3Click Hear
7.Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on Endocrine System – I (Chapter 7) 4Click Hear
8.Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on Endorcine System – II (Chapter 8) 5Click Hear
9.Bioassay (Chapter 9) 5Click Hear

PDF / PPT Of Pharmacology 2

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.Anti – Anginal DrugsClick Hear
2.Anti – Hypertensive DrugClick Hear
3.Anti – arrhythmic DrugsClick Hear
4.Cardiac Glycosides And Anti – Arrhythmic DrugsClick Hear
5.Hypothalamus And Pituitary DrugsClick Hear
6.Thyroid And Anti – Thyroid DrugClick Hear
7.Diabetes and Anti – Diabetics DrugsClick Hear

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